Issue #1

The Black Lanterns raise three old Justice Society members: Sandman, Dr Mid-Nite and Mr Terrific and set them against the current members at their base in New York.

In the midst of the battle, Liberty Belle finds her attention wandering due to her guilt over the recent death of Damage (as seen in BLACKEST NIGHT #4) as it was Belle who convinced him to join the Justice Society. As her friends assure her she has nothing to feel guilty about, they attempt to delay the Black Lanterns to allow Mr Terrific time to study the bodies of the Earth-2 Superman and Psycho Pirate.

At STAR Labs, Mr Terrific, along with Wildcat and Power Girl, look over the two former Black Lanterns with Power Girl vowing that the instigator of the Black Lanterns will pay. Terrific realises they need light and sends Flash to round up several other JSA members. As he goes, Power Girl hears the Black Lantern Lois Lane of Earth-2 threatening Ma Hunkel and rushes to save her.

Atom Smasher and Stargirl survey the ruin of the battle as the Black Lantern Damage arrives.

With Flash having brought everyone, including Dr Fate, that Mr Terrific needed back to STAR Labs, Terrific begins to work on his plan before suddenly realising that the original Terrific will work out what he’s doing. No sooner does he realise this than Green Lantern’s power ring tells them the Black Lanterns have already arrived.

Issue #2

Mr Terrific continues with his plan to find a way of defeating the Black Lanterns that have surrounded the JSA headquarters, utilising the powers of several of his most powerful team-mates.

Wildcat and Power Girl face the Black Lantern version of Lois Lane who seems to regain some sense of her self, apologising for scaring Ma Hunkel and explaining to Power Girl that she only wants to see her husband, Kal-L, before the JSA help her to die.

Outside, Jesse Quick is confronted by the Black Lantern of her father, Johnny Quick who also seems more self-aware than the other Black Lanterns. Despite her doubts (and the warnings of her husband Hourman) she agrees to run with her father.

The Black Lantern Damage becomes rational as well, trying to convince Judomaster and Atom Smasher that he is different from the other Black Lanterns, that he wants to atone. With their help, Damage has the other JSA members move away from the other Lanterns before using his powers to detonate himself, destroying all the Black Lanterns.

The explosion also reveals Mr Terrific and the other team members and allows Power Girl to lead Lois Lane towards them. Too late, Terrific realises that it has all been a ploy as Lois Lane gives up her power ring to the reborn Black Lantern Kal-L.

Issue #3

Kal-L attacks Power Girl as the rest of the JSA look on, many of them confused and guilt ridden at being tricked by the Black Lanterns. Rallying the troops, Mr Terrific continues working on the weapon he has devised to attack the Black Lanterns .

Elsewhere, Jesse Quick runs with the Black Lantern of her father, knowing all the while it cannot really be him.

The JSA attack Kal-L, helping Power Girl who, despite everything Kal-L throws at her both mentally and physically, refuses to give up.

Terrific’s weapon nears completion as he explains what he’s working on: a combination of magical, electrical and cosmic energies to mimic the powers of Jakeem Thunder’s Thunderbolt. Outside their shield, Kal-L continues his attack on Power Girl and the other Society members until managing to break through. As he’s about to attack Mr Terrific, to his astonishment Power Girl rises once more to stop him. Mr Terrific detonates his device, destroying the Black Lanterns in New York and the surrounding area.

Knowing that her father is not really the figure beside her, Jesse Quick runs back into New York as the device detonates, Johnny Quick dissolving along with the others.