Issue #1

Another Black Lantern, the Superman of Earth-2, Kal-L, rises from his grave.

In Smallville, everything rolls along nicely, the epitome of small town America, though things change rapidly. The Sheriff, and most of his office, is sucked down into the ground, followed by his deputy; the patrons of a Diner all succumb to the Black Lantern; as do the movie-goers at a drive in, all of them feeding the power of the Black Lantern.

At the Kent farm, Superman and Superboy sit with Martha Kent before hearing something unusual. Telling Krypto to remain with Ma, the two fly off to investigate and find Kal-L at the opened grave of Jonathan Kent. Taking advantage of Superman’s confusion, Kal-L attacks Superboy, trying to tear out his heart.

Back at the farm, Krypto senses something outside and goes to investigate, only to be thrown back through the wall a moment later. Rushing to the dog’s aid, Martha is terrified to see what appears to be an undead version of Lois Lane approaching.

In the skies, Superman wrests an unconscious Superboy from the grip of Kal-L who taunts him, forcing Superman to rush after Superboy, allowing Kal-L to flee.

On the planet of New Krypton, Supergirl finds her mother at the grave of Supergirl’s father. As the two are about to pay their respects, a black ring descends and Zor-El rises as a Black Lantern.

Back at the Kent farm, Superman and Superboy find a battered, but alive, Krypto but no trace of Martha. Catching a hint of her heartbeat, they fly to Smallville which they discover to be deserted except for Kal-L and his wife, the Lois Lane of Earth-2, who holds Martha captive.

Issue #2

Superman and Superboy fight against Kal-L, flying high into the night sky above Smallville while below the townsfolk are confronted by the returned Psycho Pirate. Manipulating their emotions, the Pirate forces them to harm each other and themselves while the Lois Lane of Earth-2 holds Martha prisoner.

Above them, Kal-L commands Lois to kill Martha, spurring Superboy to her rescue. He stops Lois long enough to allow Martha to escape into the corn.

As Superboy returns to the fight, he sees the effects of Psycho Pirate’s manipulations as the townsfolk turn on each other. Summoning his will, Superboy heads towards the Pirate.

Superman appeals to Kal-L, hoping to find the good hero he believes is inside him only to be attacked by the Psycho Pirate-influenced Superboy.

On New Kryptonr, Supergirl’s father confronts her as a Black Lantern having already taken out her mother. Despite her confusion, Kara attacks him only to find he, like the other Black Lanterns are almost impervious to harm.

Back on Earth, Lois of Earth-2 stalks the cornfield, tracking Martha who, unknown to her, has marshalled her courage and stands with a flaming torch, waiting for her.

Issue #3

On New Krypton, Supergirl fights the Black Lantern version of her father, refusing to believe he is who he says he in.

In Smallville, the Pyscho Pirate amuses himself by forcing civilians to feel different emotions while above the town, Superman and Superboy – still under the influence of the Pirate – fight against each other. As Superman attempts to convince Superboy of what’s wrong, the Black Lantern Kal-L rejoins the fight.

Below them, Martha sets the corn field alight in the hopes of containing the Black Lantern Lois Lane but she makes it through thanks to her ring. Realising this, Martha sends Krypto against Lois, who bits off her hand. As the ring constructs a new body to fight with Krypto, the Lois in the flames burns. Krypto flies off with the new Lois and manages to drop her into a canyon before returning to Smallville and rejoining the fight.

Back on New Krypton, Supergirl’s mother Alura is told of a weapon that could seal off New Krytpon but once deployed nothing will be able to enter or leave – including Superman who is off-planet. Alura decides to use it and flies up to help her daughter.

As Kal-L attempts to tear Superman’s heart from him, Superboy regains his emotional control and fights back. As Superboy heads off to deal with the Pirate, Superman, joined by Krypto, attacks Kal-L. Superboy steals the Pirate’s Medusa Mask and uses it to restore the people of Smallville before attacking the Pirate.

Above New Krypton, Alura and Supergirl manage to get away from Zor-El as the weapon is activated, sealing them inside and Zor-El outside.

Superboy uses the Medusa Mask against Kal-L as he did against the Pirate, forcing him to feel emotions which somehow shorts out the black rings. As it does, Kal-L’s ring shatters the mask leaving him dead once more and the mask destroyed.

Together, Superman and Superboy plan to help restore Smallville and then find answers.