Tales of The Corps

Issue #1

Tales of The Blue Lantern: Saint Walker

On Odym, Ganthet, Sayd and the Blue Lantern Corps battle against the ring constructs of Agent Orange who have invaded in the hopes of taking a Blue Power Ring. During the battle, Blue Lantern Saint Walker reflects on how hope got him through some troubled times.

On his home planet of Astonia, the end of the world approaches as the sun expands. As riots raged around them, Walker and his family found solace in their holy scriptures though it must be said his family were less convinced. Following the prophecies in the scriptures, Walker convinced his family to join him in trying to find the Messiah who, it was said, would be atop Mount Helious. During the climb to the top of the mountain, Walker’s family dies: his father falls from a bridge; his wife and daughter drown in a flash flood; his son eats poisonous fruit.

Reaching the summit, he finds only a polished black stone and demands that his god show him the Messiah. A storm breaks and as the rain washes across the face of the black stone it becomes a mirror and Walker sees himself.

He returns to his people and begins to preach, slowly calming them, preparing them for the end of the world. As the first Blue Power Ring found him, it cooled the sun, restoring it and saving Astonia, fulfilling Walker’s belief that “All will be well.”

Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Mongul, For Your Love

Many years ago, the young Mongul would watch his father – the elder Mongul – leave their home and embark on another journey. Idolising his father, Mongul acts out battles against mocked up enemies until a peaceful band of aliens crash landed nearby. Mongul enslaved them, forcing them to fight and to build statues of him. When his father returned, he killed the aliens and destroyed their statues, telling his son that only he was worth of veneration.

While the young Mongul accepted his place at that time, he knew that things would be different in the future.

Tales of The Indigo Tribe

The Indigo tribe witness the end of a conflict between a Green Lantern and a member of the Sinestro Corps. Finding the wounded Lantern, the leader of the Indigos holds him while he dies. Moments later, the Sinestro Corps member attempts to fight the Indigos; his own power ring blast is turned against him and he flees, leaving the enigmatic Indigo tribe alone once more.

Issue #2

Tales of The Red Lantern Corps: Fly Away

Atrocitus, the first Red Lantern, thinks of how one of his Corp came to join him.

Bleez began life as the most beautiful of the winged women on Havania. Such was the fame of her looks, suitors from far off planets would come to court her to the delight of her mother and the frustration of Bleez who wanted them to know her for more than her beauty. When one of the Sinestro Corps came for her, he killed her mother and took her to the sentient city Ranx where she was imprisoned for the pleasure of Sinestro’s soldiers, her wings ruined and useless.

As Ranx was attacked by the Green Lanterns, Bleez attempted to escape even if it meant killing herself but her captor took hold of her, forcing himself upon her. Angered by her treatment, a Red Power Ring found her and remade her, turning her torn wings into razor sharp bones which she used to kill her captor.

Tales of The Star Sapphires: Lost Love

When Carol Ferris was confronted by a Sapphire ring she didn’t resist; long and painful experience led her to expect no choice in the matter of becoming Star Sapphire once more. She was surprised when the ring explained that it, and its fellows, had been refined by the Zamaron. It probes her feelings, confronting her with the truth about her love for Hal Jordan before showing her a glimpse of the future: Jordan seemingly being attacked by several different Corps.

She accepts the ring and becomes a Star Sapphire once more while on Zamaron, Queen Aga’po is alerted to the approach of the Sinestro Corps.

Tales of The Orange Lanterns: Blume, Godhead

Years before, the creature called Blume, sure of its own godhood, drifted from planet to planet, asking always for what the natives valued. Whatever they surrendered, Bluem would eat until the world had nothing more to offer. At this point, Blume would leave and move to the next planet.

Landing on Okaara, however, Blume faced Agent Orange whose greed was greater than its own and who consumed the god, replicating it so that it became another of his ring constructs.

Issue #3

Tales of The Green Lantern Corps: Kilowog in New Blood

Following the riot in the Sciencells, Guy Gardner reminds one of the rookies that their harsh teacher, Kilowog, was also a rookie at one time.

We see how the previous Lantern trainer Ermey (named for the actor Lee Ermey who played a similar role in Full Metal Jacket) pushed his new recruits, Kilowog amongst them, as hard as he could. When a distress call was received from a troop of lanterns facing an army, Ermey led his recruits into the battle.

Kilowog proved himself during the fight though Ermey lost his life. As he died, he congratulated Kilowog on his actions.

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Arisia in Daddy’s Girl

Arisia’s father helped train his daughter in the hope that she would one day join the Green Lantern Corps as he had done. Following his death, Arisia was surprised, but pleased, to find her uncle had been chosen as the next Lantern. Unfortunately, he too died in action but his death meant that Arisia was finally selected to join the Corps.


Tales of the Black Lantern Corps: The Birth of Nekron

Issue #49 of Green Lantern contained a short back-up story listed as a tale of the Black Lantern Corps. For that reason, I’ve included it in this page.

In BLACKEST NIGHT #5, Jean Loring used the Atom’s shrinking ability to reduce them both, along with Mera, and drag them into Damage’s black power ring. Their story picks up in GREEN LANTERN #49 where Jean tells them both of Nekron’s origin, of how the universe was meant to be dark and that the light wielded by the Guardians of the Universe is actually the invading force. The dark universe created its own Guardian – Nekron who is seen by the Black Lanterns as peace, not death. She reveals that Nekron had prevented other heroes such as Superman, Flash and others from dying permanently so that he could use them to attack the light. Confident that no-one can stop them, Loring takes them deeper into the darkness, unaware that Deadman is following them.