Issue #1

Both the Teen Titans and the Titans have gathered at the Tower during Heroes Day to mourn the passing of the many fallen members. Beast Boy has some difficulty accepting the fact that Terra had betrayed his team-mates, his judgement clouded by his feelings for her. Hawk and Dove discuss their predecessors while in Washington, the Black Power Rings find the corpse of Don Hall – the first Dove – immune to their powers. His brother Hank, the first Hawk, is not so resistant.

Later, in Washington, Hawk and Dove find a deliberate message for them – two dead birds, one hawk, one dove. They are not surprised when they discover more leading to the university building where the Black Lantern Hawk waits for them.

Back at the Tower, Beast Boy stands on the edge of the island, thinking of Terra who suddenly appears. She claims not to have died and the pair embrace. Cyborg and Starfire, alerted to the presence of someone else on the island, discover the Black Lantern Omen, a former Titan who was using her powers to project the image of a live Terra for Beast Boy. As Cyborg and Starfire attack her, Beasty Boy sees the real, undead Black Lantern Terra before him.

In her room, Donna Troy is woken by a child’s cry and sees a ghostly baby carriage against one wall.

At the university, Hank wages a brutal attack on Hawk and Dove ending with him thrusting his hand into Hawk’s chest to grab her heart.

Issue #2

Inspecting the ghostly baby carriage, Donna finds a rattle with the Black Lantern symbol. Turning at the sound of a voice, she sees her undead ex-husband Terry and their son, Robert. Thinking she must be dreaming, she embraces her child who bites into her neck.

Outside, Cyborg and Starfire attack Omen as Terra attempts to literally take Beast Boy’s heart before he manages to escape from her and then goes on the offensive. His attack doesn’t work, though, and he has to be saved by Starfire who burns Terra until she collapses.

In Washington, Dove attacks Hawk after he killed her sister Holly, provoking her into losing her temper while Holly is resurrected as a Black Lantern and joins the battle against her.

Back at the Titans Tower, Donna is rescued from her husband and son by Kid Flash and Wonder Girl who notice the bite delivered by Robert has left a black wound with an infection that is clearly spreading.

Outside, Omen paralyses Cyborg and Starfire by mentally projecting their deepest desires while Terra regenerates. Back up to power, she causes and earthquake that destroys the Tower.

In Washington, both Hawks attack Dove, forcing her to flee, heading for help.

Trapped in the ruins of the Tower, Donna suffers a seizure, her eyes showing the Black Lantern symbol while outside, Beast Boy faces the other Black Lanterns alone just as more arrive in the shape of Tempest, Pantha, Wildebeest, Aquagirl and Dolphin.

Issue #3

In the ruins of Titans Tower, Donna Troy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash rally themselves to face Donna’s undead husband and baby.

Outside, Beast Boy manages to free Cyborg and Starfire from their paralysis by knocking aside Omen and Terra. A moment later, however, and more Black Lanterns arrive. As the others battle the new arrivals, Terra tries to persuade Beast Boy that he still loves her. Donna and the others arrive and join the fight, Donna taking on first her dead husband and then, despite the pain it causes her, she kills her son. Beast Boy attacks Terra, literally ripping her in half, all the while aware that despite everything he still loves her.

They are joined by Dove who arrives looking for help but she in turn is followed by the two Black Lantern Hawks. As Donna rescues Wonder Girl, she is faced again by her undead family, realising that they cannot be destroyed.

As Dove’s sister, Hawk, attacks her, some form of white light disrupts the Black Power Ring, causing Hawk to break down. Realising she is a threat, the other Black Lanterns attack Dove en masse. Barely knowing what she is doing, Dove manages to destroy most of them, at the same time having a vision of the original Dove who asks her to save his brother, the first Hawk.

As the Titans help Dove, Flash arrives and speaks with Kid Flash, alerting him to the other Black Lanterns that are about. Donna decides to take the fight to the Black Lanterns and wants Dove close; she is still infected by the bite of her child and, should she become a Black Lantern, she’ll need Dove to kill her.