Superman Sucks, Apparently

A few days ago, I posted about an old Superman ad I’d found; it was a fairly harmless post, I thought, looking at a fairly harmless old advert.

One reader, however, took exception to that and posted a comment which just emphasised why I use comment moderation these days:

As you can see, the point the commenter was trying to make was that Superman sucks. The image above, though, was just the snippet I could grab of what was on screen; if I scrolled down, there was a lot more. A lot more:

That’s my screen zoomed out to 50%, the only way I could get his entire post to display without needing to scroll.

But you know what, Mr



8 thoughts on “Superman Sucks, Apparently

  1. The would’ve given it away, so he just used poor Ned Beatty’s email instead.
    Genius. Criminal Genius.

    Shit, I wish fun commenters like this. #Jealous…..


  2. I may be reading too much into it, but I think that person doesn’t like Superman.

    I’m not sure Luthor could bring himself to type “sucks”, not that many times. He’d think it was too lowbrow. I guess he could tell Mercy to do it for him.

    Or maybe it’s the Parasite. Metallo? I could see General Zod being an Internet troll, assuming he didn’t just snap people’s neck for disagreeing with him. . .


  3. Oh, I’ve gotten that spambot in my filter on multiple occasions. At least I think it’s a bot, or possibly somebody who learned how to copy/paste. It’s odd to think that someone hates Superman so much that he (or she) either searches for websites to constantly post their hate or created a spambot for the express purpose of promoting his hatred.


    1. And there was me thinking I was special!

      But yeah, even putting time in to automate a bot let alone manually search for posts that are relevant to his/her dislike… man, who hates Superman that much?

      David Goyer? Zak Snyder?


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