Wonder Woman

Issue #1

Wonder Woman travels to Washington where she finds numerous police officers and soldiers slain by the Black Lantern Maxwell Lord whom she had killed during INFINITE CRISIS. She finds him sat atop the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with two guards stood nearby, both of them held in his thrall. Deciding against playing Lord’s games, Wonder Woman approaches quickly and quietly and, in one move, decapitates him.

Being a Black Lantern, however, this does not kill him and before Wonder Woman can destroy the severed head, Lord’s body moves to shoot the two guards. Saving them, she forces Lord to release the men from his control. As Lord reattaches his head, Wonder Woman hears the approach of hundreds of black power rings. Grabbing Lord by the noose he wears, she flies off, hoping to draw the rings away from the guards.

Brought down by the bombardment of rings, Wonder Woman is stunned and horrified to see the honoured dead American soldiers reanimated by them. Lord attacks her but, even surrounded by the corpses, Wonder Woman manages to delay him before being distracted by a gun shot from the guards. At the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a black ring has brought him back but Wonder Woman is able to protect the guards.

Receiving a message from the Flash to head to Coast City, Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso to burn the reanimated corpses allowing her to save the guards and fly off to meet the other heroes. Behind her, however, Max Lord begins to regenerate once more.

Issue #2

Following on from the events in BLACKEST NIGHT #5 and concurrent with those of issue #6, this issue begins with the Black Lantern Wonder Woman facing off against Mera. As they fight, Wonder Woman taunts Mera, pointing out how many things or people in her life have died. All the time, however, Wonder Woman’s own thoughts struggle against those of the Black Lantern power ring that drives her to attack her friend. Fighting back, Mera discovers the strength to overcome Diana and stabs her through the back with her trident.

Unfortunately, it is not enough and Wonder Woman revives, attacking Mera again, pinning her with her own trident. In an act of defiance, Mera shouts that Wonder Woman was her friend and spits in her face. Briefly gaining control over the dark impulses flees and attempts to remove the ring. She almost cuts her own hand off but cannot.

Wonder Girl arrives to help and the two are joined by the Black Lantern Donna Troy who distracts Wonder Girl long enough so that Diana can tear her heart from her chest. As Donna congratulates her, Wonder Woman confounds her by attacking her, almost cutting her in half. A moment later and Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, attacks her. The pair fight, Diana’s thoughts once again raging against the actions of the Black Lantern, but to no avail; Hippolyta is slain.

A batarang glances off Wonder Woman’s tiara, heralding the arrival of Batman and as she begins to realise this isn’t real – as Bruce Wayne is dead – a violet ring of the Star Sapphires appears, along with the goddess Aphrodite. The goddess explains that she has created the surroundings and the events to allow Wonder Woman’s possession to run its course, reassuring her that she hasn’t killed anyone.

With this knowledge, Wonder Woman joins the Star Sapphires.

Issue #3

As Wonder Woman fully embraces the Star Sapphire ring, Carol Ferris arrives to bring her back to the battle against the Black Lanterns in Coast City. There she finds the Black Lantern version of Max Lord once more who attacks her with limited success. With Lord out of the way, Wonder Woman is surprised by an attack from Mera, now a Red Lantern herself. As they fight, the Star Sapphire ring allows Wonder Woman to realise what is behind Mera’s rage.

At a quiet moment in the battle, Wonder Woman attempts to calm Mera down with little success until she uses her lasso to bind her. Connected by the magical lariat, the two women catch glimpses of each others’ minds and memories, seeing images of the past and their loves. Disengaging, Wonder Woman understands what lies at the heart of Mera’s rage.

Calmer now, Mera regains her ability to speak and think and the pair stand ready as the other Lanterns, along with their deputies, arrive to face Nekron.