Zero Hour House Ads

As with all DC’s events, Zero Hour was advertised in other titles in the run-up to its publication.

The “Be Prepared” red clock that ran in numerous titles.

The end of today!

I’m still on the lookout for a halfway ad between the one on the left and the one above

A DC Universe page that offered some hints as to the events of Zero Hour as well as complete nonsense.

Following Zero Hour would be Zero Month, showcasing new heroes as well as current ones.

The final issue of Zero Hour had a card insert advertising Zero Month; this is the exterior . . .

. . . and this is the interior

This was an ad for the 1994 Chicago Comicon


Following Zero Hour‘s conclusion, this ad ran in several titles:

A mocked up front page of the Daily Planet, the article confirms the death of several JSA members and the retirement of the remainder, as well as detailing the effects felt by “about a third of the people” of the Earth. It also mentions that the Zero Hour event happened on Tuesday, 2nd of August, firmly dating it to 1994.

Zero Hour Homepage