Hitman’s Thoughts On Bloodlines

The stand out character from BLOODLINES was Hitman, without a doubt. Co-created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, Tommy Monaghan went on to star in his own 60+ issue series, a handful of specials as well as cropping up in other series every now and then.

Never one to shy away from commenting on the ridiculous nature of superheroes, Ennis used Monaghan more than once to comment on capes in general and BLOODLINES specifically. Here’s a scene from the pages of HITMAN:​

Later in the series, he addresses BLOODLINES and the rash of new characters that came out of it:

And lastly there was the HITMAN 1,000,000 crossover episode where Monaghan was transported to the far future to discover heroes were being reborn thanks to the iconic power inherent in them. Which led to this:​​

Ennis was never one to shy away from biting the hand that fed him!