Rage of The Red Lanterns

Despite being labelled as part of FINAL CRISIS, complete with trade dress, the one-off RAGE seems to have little to do with the main series but is more to do with the events in GREEN LANTERN that lead up to 2009’s BLACKEST NIGHT event.

Atrocitus gains a red ring on Ysmault (in the rather cliched sector 666), becoming Red Lantern.

On Earth, Hal Jordan is notified that the Guardians have finally agreed to execute Sinestro but rather than perform it on Oa, they want him taken to Korugar, his home planet. Jordan and other Lanterns are called to Oa to escort him there.

The scarred Guardian contacts Green Lantern Ash and sends him on his way to track down the corpse of the Anti-Monitor for her own needs.

Jordan faces Sinestro on Oa as Atrocitus raises his own Red Lantern Corps with the intention of having revenge upon Sinestro who, in one way or another, has injured or wronged many of the Coprs.

Elsewhere, the Controllers divine a power source on the planet Okaara which they hope will allow them to create their own Corps.

As the Green Lanterns escort Sinestro to Korugar, they are ambushed by members of the Sinestro Corps, apparently alerted to their location by the scarred Guardian. As they seek to free their master, however, both they and the Green Lanterns are attacked by Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns who manage to abduct Sinestro, leaving Jordan and other GLs stranded. Before Jordan’s ring runs out of power, however, the Blue Lantern – Saint Walker – appears and saves him.