As the Anti-Life Equation is released across the world, the superheroes attempt to hold fast and co-ordinate a retaliation.

In the Antarctic, one of the few remaining Checkmate facilities is breached by the hero Ice who quickly spreads the Anti-Life virus. Mr. Terrific, the Black King Taleb Ben Khalid and the Black Queen Sascha Bordeaux, along with the electronic Thinker, manage to find safety but because of Bordeaux’s nanotech implants she is forced to shut her system down and enter a self-induced form of hibernation.

Four days later and Snapper Carr infiltrates a Californian S.T.A.R. Labs facility in order to destroy the viral weapons that the scientists have been creating for Darkseid before teleporting back to Mr. Terrific. They receive a message from Firehawk aboard the Justice League orbiting Watchtower satellite. Carr teleports aboard but finds Firehawk has been infected with Anti-Life. He is helped in his struggle against her by Cheetah who is aboard the satellite for some reason before she flees.

Over the coming weeks, Mr. Terrific and the others launch attacks against Darkseid and his minions as much as possible until, nearly a month later, Carr finds Cheetah once more, in a hospital. Despite, or perhaps because, of the horror around them, they make love before being discovered by a possessed Gorilla Grodd. Carr teleports them both back to the Antarctic but not before he suffers infection which renders his teleportation ability useless.

Forced to find another way of striking back at Darkseid, Mr. Terrific thinks of the nearly eleven and a half million people that are still carrying the OMAC nanovirus. By re-activating Bordeaux and using her connection to the OMACs should allow Mr. Terrific and the Thinker to use the Code Zoo as a carrier system to get the activation code to the OMACs in waiting. Reactivating Bordeaux, however, restarts her infection and Mr. Terrific is forced to terminate her once the code is secured.

The plan works, though, and the OMAC units are activated, working with Terrific and Checkmate, giving them the opportunity to strike back against Darkseid.