Rogues’ Revenge

Issue 1 begins with the Rogues’ return from the prison planet in SALVATION RUN and after attending the meeting of Libra’s new Secret Society of Super-Villains. Back in Keystone City, under cover of a storm raised by the Weather Wizard, they enter one of their hideouts only to find it being used by a group of young wannabe villains who end up soundly beaten and trapped in one of Mirror Master’s mirrors. They’re joined by the young upstart Trickster who congratulates them on having killed the fourth Flash, Bart Allen, without realising they had not wanted to do it.

In the Keystone City police department, detectives Chyre and Morillo discuss the Rogues and their role in the death of Bart Allen and, as one of them wonders whether the previously reformed Pied Piper was connected to it, Piper himself breaks into their office and, rendering them unconscious, steals the last will and testament of the original Trickster who died – while handcuffed to Piper – in COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS #22.

Iris Allen, wife of The second Flash, Barry Allen, hears a voice amidst the thunder and lightning.

In the middle of preaching a sermon, Libra is interrupted by a message from Captain Cold who refuses to join Libra’s new Society.

At the Flash Museum, Inertia – who played an integral role in the death of Bart Allen – is freed by a bolt of lightning and escapes. Hearing of the escape, Captain Cold and the Rogues plan to have their revenge on Inertia whom they blame for their troubles since the death of Bart Allen.

Inertia himself plans to attack the Flash’s children but is stopped by the man who freed him: Zoom who plans to make Inertia into the new Kid Flash.

Issue 2 finds the Rogues searching the shop of Paul Gambi, tailor to criminals and heroes alike. Gambi himself has been brutally beaten by a group calling themselves the New Rogues who contact Captain Cold and the others via one of Mirror Master’s mirrors. They inform Cold that they have found his father and, unless the Rogues return to Libra’s club for “sermon and assignment” they will kill his father. The New Rogues are more than a little surprised hearing Cold’s promise to find and kill them and then kill his father himself.

Meanwhile, Zoom torments Inertia, beating him until Zoom reveals that it is not his intention that Inertia become the new Kid Flash, but rather Libra’s.

The Rogues surprise the New Rogues by using Mirror Master’s abilities to appear in their club. One by one the New Rogues are dispatched before Captain Cold confronts his father.

As Zoom attempts to teach Inertia how to access the time stream rather than just the Speed Force, Pied Piper watches and waits.

The meeting between Captain Cold and his father is difficult but for all the hatred between them, Cold has to ask Heatwave to kill him. With that done, they plan to regroup and track down Inertia.

Elsewhere, Gorilla Grodd informs Libra that the Rogues are still refusing to join him, prompting Libra to explain why he needs them on his side and, if trying to use Cold’s father as a bargaining chip didn’t work, then using Weather Wizard’s son just might.

Issue 3 sees the Rogues return to the observatory where Weather Wizard, in years gone by, had found himself forced to kill his own brother. They are there, however, to use an instrument built by The Top which allows them to get a general location of any speedsters which they use, in conjunction with Mirror Master’s mirrors, to track down Inertia.

Zoom is attempting to teach Inertia how to tap into the time stream to improve his powers and has forced him to wear an old Kid Flash uniform. As the Pied Piper watches, their lesson is interrupted by the arrival of the Rogues whom Zoom attacks and almost defeats before Piper plays a tune and paralyzes them all. Before he can do anything, though, Libra arrives, stabbing Piper and breaking his hold over them.

Libra attempts to unite all of them, Rogues and Zoom alike, and threatens Weather Wizard with the death of his child whom he has brought with him. The Weather Wizard tries to bluff Libra into believing he has no feelings for his child but before any decision is made, Inertia attacks the child, stunning Libra. Wizard’s son appears to vanish. Rebelling against Zoom’s teaching, Inertia proclaims himself as Kid Zoom and attacks Libra before robbing Zoom of his powers, returning him to a crippled state.

Turning to the Rogues, Kid Zoom attacks them all but they work together – helped by Piper – and as one kill him.

Libra asks that they join his Society, warning them that the first Flash they battled, Barry Allen, is returning. They refuse his offer, however, and deliver the corpse of Kid Zoom to the police, using it as a message to the Flash that – in their eyes – that have made amends for the death of Bart Allen, Kid Flash.

While the Rogues have doubts about Libra’s claim of Barry Allen returning, they vow that once the Crisis is over, they will be ready for him.