Secret Files

Libra, herald of Darkseid, narrates his own origin story. He tells of how, aged eight and still called Justin Ballantine, his mother’s death was caused by the carelessness of a drunken pharmacist and how her death drove his father to drink and then to beat him. Becoming obsessed with stars led him to buy a telescope and install it on his roof, the same roof that his father – drunk and angry once more – toppled from, leaving Justin an orphan.

Studying under Ted Knight (who had been Starman) at university, Ballantine stole Knight’s designs for his cosmic rod and, over the years, built a device he call an Energy Transmortifier. Donning a costume, he became Libra and was approached by a shadowy figure who offered him leadership of the Injustice Gang of the World, along with a satellite headquarters if he would agree to work for the man’s employer.

Libra took the man at his word and assembled his Gang, overcoming the Justice League of America quickly and easily. The defeat of the League, however, was only a test of his Energy Transmortifier which allowed him to absorb half of a subject’s energy. With the test successful, Libra planned to absorb half of the Milky Way’s energy; despite the League’s attempt to stop him, his plan succeeds but he simply finds himself absorbed into the galaxy itself.

Eventually, Libra awoke upon Apokolips and was captured by Desaad. When Darkseid arrives, Libra willingly swears to serve him, especially after discovering the shadowy figure who gave him leadership of the Injustice Gang was Glorious Godfrey, another of Darkseid’s servants.

He returns to Earth and begins battling the heroes, preparing the road for the Final Crisis and the arrival of Darkseid.