Public Enemies

At a time when Lex Luthor is still President of the US, an asteroid is discovered headed for Earth; the object is composed entirely of Kryptonite and is the size of Brazil. Luthor determines that it is travelling to Earth purely because Superman is here and offers a billion dollar reward for whoever brings Superman to him.

Villains leap at the chance and are all defeated, though a group of heroes – chief among them Captain Atom – compiled by the President has more success. As the heroes attack both Superman and Batman, Luthor is shown injecting himself with liquidised Kryptonite and in possession of an Apokoliptian warsuit.

Friends of the two heroes attack Luthor in the White House only to find that he is not only prepared for them but can take them out almost effortlessly. They are rescued, however, by Batman and Superman, leaving Superman in the position of literally having Luthor’s life in his hands. Despite Batman’s offer of standing aside and watching Superman kill Luthor, even covering it up for him, Superman chooses to let his nemesis live.

With the heroes gone, Luthor dons the Apokoliptian warsuit and sets out to kill Superman himself.

Superman and Batman have enlisted the efforts of the Toy Man to destroy the Kryptonite asteroid that is still travelling to Earth. As they discuss who gets to pilot the rocket Toy Man has created on a suicide mission, Captain Atom arrives and convinces them that he should be the pilot. Luthor, meanwhile, reveals himself to the world wearing his armour and draws Superman out for a final battle which ends with the LexCorp Towers being destroyed.

Luthor, however, escapes claiming there will be a reckoning, a Crisis . . .