The Return Of Donna Troy

While not an official tie-in, the series became linked to INFINITE CRISIS as it went on.

Issue 1 begins with an attack by Tamaraneans upon the planet Minosyss which the narrator claims is “in and of itself the deadliest weapon of all.” That narrator is revealed to be a resurrected Donna Troy, now believing herself to be one of the Titans of Myth, though troubled by memories of her time and friends on Earth.

Troia – as she is known amongst the Titans – joins her husband Coeus and the other Titans on New Cronus in watching the planet’s subjugation. Troia reveals her doubts concerning her memories and Mnemosyne reveals Troia’s origins, that of being one of the seeds scattered throughout the universe by Rhea, one of the Titans. Despite this, Troia still questions her origins.

Leading the attack against the Minosyss armies was Sparta, another of Rhea’s seeds who is callously abandoned by the Titans when the attack fails, despite Troia asking for help on her behalf. Eventually, spurred on by the memories of her childhood with Sparta, Troia dons armour and goes to the planet to help. One of the Titans, Hyperion, is not bothered by Coeus’s fears that Troia will discover “the truth about Minosyss” but claims that she will “fulfill her destiny within” the planet.

Troia finds Sparta too late, however, and she dies in Troia’s arms. Another seed, Athyns, arrives and is convinced that the Titans have cast some spell upon Troia as that is the only reason she could be party to the attack on the planet. Troia is convinced, as the Titans have told her, that the planet holds a terrible weapon and that Athyns is preventing her and the others from safeguarding it and attacks him.

Meanwhile, a travelsphere finds its way to Earth in the hope of contacting the Teen Titans.

Issue 2 starts with the travelsphere finding the Outsiders, homing in on Nightwing and Starfire who had been Titans when Donna was on the team. Both of them recognise the sphere for what it was and Starfire realises that Donna is alive. The team board the sphere.

Later, at Titans Tower, the travelsphere finds the Titans and Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven – who had all been team mates of Donna, similarly recognise what the sphere means. As the Outsiders had done, the team go aboard.

Both teams ride the sphere across space, being taken toward Donna with both Raven and Wonder Girl sensing that something was wrong. They land on Minosyss which Starfire remembers is supposed to hold a “dreadful weapon“. They are attacked by the Minosyssans until Athyns calls them off, recognising some of the group as Donna’s old allies. He takes them to where Troia is being held prisoner after her attack on him the previous issue.

The Titans of Myth, meanwhile, watch from New Cronus and state that they must gain what’s within Minosyss and prevent Nightwing and the others from showing “Troia the truth.” Coeus, Troia’s husband is the only one among them to have doubts.

Athyns and the heroes talk with Troia, trying to convince her that the Titans of Myth have lied to her. Convinced that they would never deceive her, Troia calls upon Coeus for help and he sends down lightning to break her free from her bonds.

Issue 3 begins with Troia attacking the heroes, battling her former friends. The Minosyssans guide Kid Flash away from the fight, Raven telling him to go with them as she senses that “they have the secret to ending Donna’s madness!

It takes the combined might of the Outsiders and the Teen Titans to rein in Troia’s rage if only for a moment until she breaks free and the fight comes down to her versus Wonder Girl.

Beneath the planet, Kid Flash discovers what’s really within Minosyss and rushes back to tell the others.

Raven finally gets inside Troia’s head and shows her the misery and pain that she and the Titans of Myth have caused to the planet’s inhabitants giving the others a chance to tunnel deep below the surface. At Nightwing’s insistence, Wonder Girl drags Troia down to the caverns below the city where they discover the weapon: a sun-eater factory. Donna’s mind finally frees itself from the lies of the Titans of Myth and she realises that they have no intention of destroying the weapon; rather they want to use it. The Titans want to sieze Minosyss as it was a nexus zone, a “natural warp for cross-dimensional travel.

The heroes prepare for the final invasion of the Titans.

Issue 4 begins with the assault by the Titans and Donna’s resistance with only Coeus showing any concern for her.

The heroes battle against the invading armies of the Titans with Donna captured by the Titans. Wonder Girl tells Coeus that he and the Titans don’t need the sun-eater, only to have him reply that they don’t want it – they want Donna.

Hyperion drags Donna to the factory and refers to it as “a nexus point to what was once the multiverse!” He explains why they need her by freeing her of the last of her false memories. She remembers the pre-CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS multiverse and the different versions of herself that existed on the different earths. She was “unique in all creation, a living connection to every universe that had ever existed.

The other Titans join them at the factory and Coeus reveals that they knew Donna was the key to leaving this universe following her death in Graduation Day because she returned to life. Donna opens a portal into another reality and most of the Titans enter before realising she has sent them to Tartarus.

Hyperion and his wife Thia, however, remain and attack Donna for betraying them. She is saved by Coeus who proves his love for her by activating the sun-eater which destroys Hyperion and Thia as they are living embodiments of the sun. Coeus takes their remains through the portal and swears to guard against his siblings’ return.

The travelsphere returns the heroes to earth where Donna meets Wonder Woman who gives her Harbinger’s History of the Universe orb which was last seen in Crisis. She uses it to examine the future and understands why the Titans of Myth wanted to escape this reality.

Donna’s story continues in INFINITE CRISIS #1.