Infinite Frontier #0

  • Writers: Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder
  • Artist: John Timms
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Cover Artists: Dan Jurgens and Mikel Janin

INFINITE FRONTIER #0 served as an introduction to the series proper as well as a sampler of some stories that were up-coming in other series. With that in mind, the annotations below will only cover the framing story that leads into INFINITE FRONTIER #1.

At the end of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL Wonder Woman helped convince the powers that be to restore the Multiverse, bringing back all the histories of the characters, returning everything into play. Entire new multiverses were being spawned and, to watch over them and Earth-0, a band of heroes and villains formed, calling themselves The Totality.

Some of those who had previously died were returned, though the only major power of the old Multiverse that could not be found was Darkseid. Earth-0 was no longer the centre of the Multiverse, but instead there were two other sources of energy: Earth Alpha which the heroes also named The Elseworld, and another, as yet unnamed, but which would be revealed as Earth Omega.

The price for the restoration of all this was that Wonder Woman was to ascend in order to protect the new reality from a lurking threat . . .

Front cover (shown above): Top to bottom, left to right: in the air we have Obsidian; Green Lantern John Stewart; Green Lantern Alan Scott; Black Adam; and in the top right, Wonder Woman.

Standing on the top ledge is Stargirl; next ledge down are Batman (Timothy Fox); Superman; Nubia; and Jon Kent Superman; at the bottom left is Batman.

Back cover (on the right): Top to bottom, left to right: Green Arrow; Black Canary; Blue Beetle; Booster Gold; Nightwing; President Superman of Earth-23; Starfire.

Next row down are Catwoman; Red Hood; Cyborg; Bolt; Red X; Aquaman.

We then have Crush on her own; below her are Harley Quinn; Flash (Barry Allen); Flash (Wally West); and (I think) Damian Wayne.

Page 1 – Panel 1: The birth of the new multiverse. The speaker in the caption is Shazam, as signified by the lightning bolt.

Page 1 – Panel 2: The dark blue of this caption belongs to the Phantom Stranger.

Page 1 – Panel 3: The mention of the Book of Oa shows this caption belongs to Ganthet, one of the Guardians of the Universe.

Page 1 – Panel 4: This speaker is Highfather, leader of the New Gods of New Genesis. In the burst of white is . . .

Page 1 – Panel 5: Wonder Woman, ascended at the end of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL. The speaker is Hera.

Pages 2 and 3: Wonder Woman witnesses the multiverse being born and turns to find . . .

Page 4 – Panel 1: . . . The Quintessence, the group of powerful beings that first appeared (as this group) in KINGDOM COME back in 1996. Left to right are Shazam, the wizard who gifts Captain Marvel his powers; the Phantom Stranger; Ganthet of the Guardians of the Universe; Hera, queen of the Olympian Gods (who replaced Zeus as a member of this group some time before); and Highfather, leader of the New Gods. Hovering in front of them, but not a member of the Quintessence, is the Spectre.

Shazam mentions the 52 universes that were detailed in the excellent MULTIVERSITY, and how they are now joined by countless others. Phantom Stranger’s talk of time being “restored in its proper reconfiguration” makes me wonder if that’s a reference to his own origin being reset – a mystery for decades, after the New 52 launch in 2011, it was revealed that the Stranger was Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ. I doubt that origin is still in play any longer.

Ganthet says “a bright day of peace is upon us” which is a shout-out to the Green Lantern oath’s mention of “In brightest day…”

Hera mentions “infinite possibilities” that calls out this current series, while Highfather is left to bring the conversation back to Wonder Woman.

Page 4 – Panel 2: Wonder Woman says she saw the future – this is likely a reference to the Future State specials that DC published in early 2021.

Page 4 – Panel 3: The Spectre reveals why Wonder Woman is here – the Quintessence are offering her a position in the group.

Page 5 – Panel 1: There’s always a cost

Page 5 – Panel 1: Wonder Woman mentions the cost and the threat that she was told of at the end of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL.

Page 5 – Panel 2: Shazam says they know nothing of the cost Wonder Woman speaks of, but ignores her mention of a threat.

Page 5 – Panel 3: The Batman Who Laughs and Perpetua were the villains in DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL.

Page 5 – Panel 3: The Phantom Stranger repeats Shazam’s words about being unaware of a cost, again ignoring the mention of a threat.

Page 5 – Panel 4: The Spectre agrees to act as Wonder Woman’s guide, taking her to visit her friends, in order to find the cost that worries her . . . again, ignoring the threat she spoke of.

The majority of the issue that follows contains vignettes of various heroes that give a lead-in or preview of what was to come in the series of those characters, much of which doesn’t directly connect to INFINITE FRONTIER so I’m only including brief descriptions of the scenes.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Superman discovers Black Adam has been doing some good, and holds out hope that Adam will continue.

BATMAN: A Joker gas attack at Arkham Asylum catches everyone off guard.

WONDER WOMAN: Diana watches her mother Hippolyta elect to enter Man’s World, leaving Nubia to rule Themyscira.

WONDER GIRL: Yara Flor, destined to be the new Wonder Girl, leaves for Brazil, unaware she is being watched.

GREEN LANTERN: ALAN SCOTT: The veteran Green Lantern comes out as gay to his children, Jade and Obsidian.

TEEN TITANS ACADEMY: A new crop of teens sail to the Titans Tower.

SUPERMAN: The new Superman, Jonathan Kent, confounds the Spectre’s preconception of him.

GREEN ARROW & BLACK CANARY: As Green Arrow and Black Canary enjoy some down time, a recently returned from the dead Roy Harper decides not to contact them.

STARGIRL: Stargirl’s step-father receives a message from one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

GREEN LANTERNS: John Stewart and Simon Baz take Keli “Teen Lantern” Quintela to Oa to meet the Guardians of the Universe.

THE FLASH: Barry Allen hands off the role of the Earth-0 Flash to his nephew, Wally, as he explains he’s joining Justice Incarnate. He also reveals that the second source of power in the Multiverse has been named Earth Omega.

Pages 56 and 57: The main conversation between Wonder Woman and the Spectre stretches across the page. Wonder Woman talks of “an omnipotent force from another world” – this is Dr Manhattan as revealed in DOOMSDAY CLOCK to have been changing Earth’s history, retroactively the cause of the New 52 and numerous other changes. With Manhattan’s influence removed, the heroes are able to move on. The Spectre finally addresses the threat Wonder Woman had been warned of, though no conclusion is drawn.

Beneath their feet are a series of grids; turn the pages so that the grid runs top to bottom and we’ll start in the top left:

Row 1 – Box 1: Deathstroke. Box 2: Aqualad, Aquaman; Princess Andrina; Mera. Box 3: Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz (at the top); Guy Gardner; Hal Jordan; and Kyle Rayner.

Row 2 – Box 1: Wildcat. Box 2: Captain Marvel, with the Rock of Eternity behind him. Box 3: Peacemaker; Amanda Waller. Box 4: Blue Beetle; Booster Gold.

Row 3 – Box 1: Lobo; Crush. Box 2: Zatanna; Detective Chimp; the Demon; John Constantine. Box 3: Raven and Starfire in the air; Nightwing; Beast Boy; Cyborg. Box 4: clockwise around the table from the very bottom left are Mr Terrific; Martian Manhunter; Talia al Ghul; Lex Luthor; Hawkgirl; Vandal Savage.

Row 4 – Box 1: Supergirl. Box 2: Swamp Thing.

Page 58 – Panel 3: Back with the Quintessence.

Page 58 – Panel 5: Who assume that Wonder Woman is ready to join their ranks.

Page 59 – Panel 1: But Wonder Woman turns them down.

Page 59 – Panel 3: She realises that, like so many of the people she had observed whilst walking with the Spectre, she can now make a fresh start and choose a new adventure.

Pages 60 and 61: A two-page spread showing heroes old and new. I’ve numbered the characters following approximate rows going left to right and top to bottom, with the key below the image.

1) Batgirl 2) Nightwing 3) Summer Zahid 4) Red X 5) Hippolyta 6) Wonder Woman 7) Batwoman 8) Aquaman 9) Green Lantern Alan Scott 10) Duke Thomas 11) Green Lantern Sojourner Mullein 12) Catwoman 13) Flash (Wally West) 14) Roy Harper 15) Naomi 16) Superman (Jonathan Kent) 17) Steel 18) Crush 19) Black Canary 20) Superman (Clark Kent) 21) Starfire 22) Batman 23) Flash (Barry Allen) 24) Yara Flor 25) Black Adam 26) Stargirl 27) STRIPE 28) Batman (Timothy Fox) 29) Green Arrow 30) Red Hood 31) Beast Boy 32) Cyborg 33) Green Lantern John Stewart 34) Donna Troy 35) Supergirl 36) Spoiler 37) Hawkgirl 38) Raven 39) Captain Marvel 40) Damian Wayne 41) Nubia 42) Harley Quinn 43) Huntress

Page 62 – Panel 1: Earth Omega, the source of power opposite Earth Alpha/The Elseworld.

Page 62 – Panel 3: This is why the Quintessence ignored Wonder Woman’s mention of a lurking threat – they believe they have already trapped it here, on Earth Omega.

Page 62 – Panel 5: Despite their confidence (or is that arrogance?) what they’ve trapped is now loose.

Page 63 – Panel 1: Shards of black power kill Highfather, Shazam, Ganthet, and Hera as Phantom Stranger and the Spectre look on.

Page 63 – Panel 2: And a moment later, they too are killed. The killer claims to be even more powerful than he was before the first Crisis.

Page 63 – Panel 4: And for good measure, a boot lands on the Spectre’s neck.

Page 64: And the killer of the Quintessence is revealed as Darkseid.

Darkseid Is