Legends Crossovers: Chapters 8 to 11

The LEGENDS crossovers were handily labelled as Chapters and crossed in to several ongoing series as well as mini-series.


Having saved a satellite from destruction in the previous issue (shown in Crossovers Part 2) Cosmic Boy and Night Girl travel to Houston where the satellite is now stored, as Cosmic Boy is convinced that someone is behind the anomalous events in the 20th Century that he’s discovered. They find the satellite’s creator, Dr Jason Krinnski, who feels the shuttle carrying the satellite exploded due to error rather than someone’s design.

Protesters against the satellite’s nuclear components attack the centre and Cosmic Boy and Night Girl repel them, even though this means revealing themselves as superheroes against the President’s order. Having saved Dr Krinnski and his colleagues, the heroes head off.


The Justice League discover Vibe’s corpse following his death in the previous issue (shown in Crossovers Part 2) with Martian Manhunter realising Professor Ivo is responsible thanks to Vibe’s killer placing a replica of Ivo’s face over Vibe’s. Ivo himself has another session with one of his android psychiatrists and, while planning to kill Gypsy, confesses to feelings of guilt about his plan. However, he releases another android to track her down.

While the rest of the League want to hunt Ivo down, Martian Manhunter forbids them from doing so, leaving Steel and Vixen at ther headquarters. Gypsy encounters the android and, after sharing a car ride with him where she talks about her hopes of reconnecting with her family, he attack her. As Ivo watches via the android’s inbuilt camera, Gypsy is killed.

Overcome with remorse, Ivo collapses. As the android becomes aware that Ivo is no longer watching them, he allows Gypsy – who, with his aid, had projected the image of her death to Ivo’s watching screens – to continue on her journey to her family, admitting that he felt Ivo’s guilt and decided to save Gypsy from death. Later, as he watches Gypsy reunite with her family, Martian Manhunter arrives and confronts him.


Unable to persuade Prof Stein to help control Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond is in danger of being burnt alive by followers of G Gordon Godfrey until he is saved by the arrival of Hawk who distracts the mob long enough for Firestorm to escape and Ronnie and the Prof to separate. Enraged and humiliated by being forced against his will, Prof Stein forbids Ronnie to ever come near him, let alone form Firestorm. Speaking with his step-mother later, Ronnie realises just how badly he has treated the Professor.

Meanwhile, Gordon’s acolyte who stirred up the mob in convinced by Gordon himself to storm the library to burn all books that deal with heroes; at the same time, Hawk and a squad of campus students arm themselves in order to fight the mob.

Calling a truce, Ronnie and Prof Stein merge as Firestorm once more and manage to defuse the battle between Hawk and the acolyte before someone gets hurt.


After stopping a street mugging, Blue Beetle is shocked to find the victim is angry at him for being a costumed hero. Retreating before the police get involved, Beetle heads back to his office only to find his employee, Melody Case, watching a broadcast of President Reagan outlawing superheroes, followed by an interview with G Gordon Godfrey; Beetle is shocked when Melody agrees with Godfrey.

Elsewhere, another employee of Beetle’s, Angela Revere finds out that her uncle is actually the super-villain Chronos who then freezes her in time while he heads out to plan his next caper. Investigating why Angela hasn’t arrived for work, Beetle finds her frozen and manages to release her. When she reveals her uncle’s identity, Beetle swears to defy the presidential order and track him down.