War of The Gods Collected Edition

The collected editions of INFINITE CRISIS and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS took the opportunity to either add more information/story pages and/or correct errors that had occurred in the original series.

There was no reason, then, that the collected edition of WAR OF THE GODS couldn’t do the same. Sure, it included issues of WONDER WOMAN that made the story (a little) more coherent, but there were several errors in the original series that were simply repeated in the collection. They range from the simple miscolouring of Geo-Force as Flash on Page 27 of issue #2, to the page layout errors in issue #3 (Pages 32 and 33) and issue #4 (Page 39)

It does, however, make a couple of improvements to some of the panels in issue #4, specifically those where the dead rise up. As an example, here’s Page 26 – Panel 6 from the original comic and the digital version of the collected edition (because it’s easier to screenshot that than scan pages from a paperback):

The colours are much brighter but the blacks haven’t bled over into so many other areas, either.

If they’re going to take time to do that, why not take time to correct panel orders like Page 39 of issue #4?