War of The Gods Crossovers Parts 22 to 24

WAR OF THE GODS crossed over into various titles over several months; unfortunately, some of those titles were mis-numbered, the numbering was left off and, in a few cases, they weren’t even branded as part of the crossover. Comparing information from various websites, the order of the issues below should be correct.

Below are the issues that ran between WAR OF THE GODS #3 (Part 21 of the story) and WAR OF THE GODS #4 (Part 25)

THE DEMON #17 (Part 22)

Bored and looking for adventure, Klarion the Witch Boy transports himself to a beach on Themyscira where he is quickly discovered by Amazons who find him adorable. He evades them by hiding in some bushes and then, some time later, witnesses Circe casting a spell to kill Wonder Woman. When he sees Wonder Woman’s spirit leaving her body, he casts a spell to send her to the Region Beyond, just for the fun of it.

In the Region – a sort of extra-dimensional hell – Etrigan and Jason Blood have had their minds swapped so that Etrigan’s body is inhabited by Blood’s mind and vice versa. In chains and facing a banshee, Blood is surprised when Wonder Woman appears. Attacked by the banshee, Wonder Woman is injured, her blood stirring Etrigan’s baser instincts, allowing him to break free of the chains and defeat the banshee before embracing Wonder Woman. Trying to save her, Blood recites the spell to change his form back into that of Jason Blood.

As Etrigan (in control of Blood’s form) sets about trying to fool Wonder Woman, they are joined by the Thing That Cannot Die who is aware that the Demon and the sorcerer have swapped places and tries to warn Wonder Woman. With her lasso proving the Thing’s words, she leaves Blood’s body in chains and leaves. The Thing tells her how to escape the Region Beyond, an act of selflessness that, in the Region, will count towards his own chances of redemption. Thanking the Thing, Wonder Woman leaves.

THE NEW TITANS #81 (Part 23)

The Titans are struggling in the aftermath of a battle against the Wildebeests when they are contacted by ex-member Omen who calls them from the apartment of Donna Troy and Terry Long. When they arrive, they find Pariah waiting for them – Omen had sensed his connection to Donna.

Pariah informs the Titans about the War of the Gods, at least in general terms, and mentions “the gods’ beqeuathment to [Donna] Troy” before rejoicing in the fact that the world is to be remade. This, he hopes, will allow him to finally die, ending millions of years of being on his own and watching everything but him be destroyed.

The Titans, and in particular Donna’s husband Terry, persuade him that simply giving up is not the right thing to do and he recalls his origin, realising that he has been selfish his entire life when he should have spent more time with his own family.

As Pariah reveals that Donna is on New Olympus, the Titans hear a news broadcast telling the world that Wonder Woman has died; at the same time, New Olympus itself appears in the skies above them.

WONDER WOMAN #61 (Part 24)

In the aftermath of Wonder Woman’s death, Julia Kapatelis visits Inspector Indelicato who tells her everything that Cheetah had passed on to him.

The bestiamorph Mikos had been sent by Circe to free Cheetah from Arkham Asylum by giving her a drug that transformed her into her new, feral form. That drug, however, created a dependency, making Cheetah Circe’s slave. Cheetah watched the creation of the fake Themysciran goblet using almost lviing metal from Bana-Mighdall and, later, saw Hippolyta drink from it, the metal encasing her, turning her in to Shim’tar. When Mikos and other bestiamorphs arrived to take the still confused Hippolyta away, they were disturbed by goons from Maxie Zeus who had arranged with Cheetah to get the goblet. They in turn were attacked by Bana-Mighdall Amazons as part of Circe’s plot to convince the world the Amazons were the bad guys.

At that point, Cheetah fled as bestiamorphs attacked Indelicato but, thanks to the spell cast by Dr Fate and others (as seen in WAR OF THE GODS #3), the creatures reverted to their original forms.

Elsewhere, Superman rallies the other heroes and pledges to end the war amongst the gods in Diana’s name.