Mash-Up #80

Three times a week I randomly generate two dates, hunt down covers from those dates and then mash them together and force the results on you lovely people, while giving a hat-tip to the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis.

I can honestly say the first I knew about Breach was when he turned up in INFINITE CRISIS and, ten minutes later, blew up to allow Captain Atom to return.

One thought on “Mash-Up #80

  1. Nice cover. Never read Breach, although I’m familiar with the character starting off and meant by Bob Harras as being a new and original character, who then was all a sudden turned into an alternate Captain Atom towards the end. Why didn’t they just leave him be his own character? Why not just use Captain Atom from the very beginning?


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