Quick Updates

Away for the weekend so just a couple of things thrown on to the site:

  • Two more Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 cover homages (the ad above and #23 of 52) added to this page
  • An ad for some Blackest Night action figures added to this page



New Hawkman Series

For a while now, the number of DC titles I’ve been getting has slowly been decreasing.

Yesterday, though, I mentioned the new Plastic Man mini-series that will be arriving soon, and now there’s news of a new Hawkman ongoing written by Robert Venditti whose writingI’ve enjoyed for a while now.

Good work, DC – that’s another series I’ll be picking up from you.

New Plastic Man Series

First, I’m intrigued by the news of a new Plastic Man series – while I’ve never been a massive fan of the character, I like Gail Simone’s writing and will definitely be picking this up.

Second, as I came across this yesterday, I couldn’t resist re-purposing this old ad and dropping in the new series art:

Plastic Man, folks . . . not as wet as Aquaman.


Jason Returns In Wonder Woman #42

I’ve probably watched too many horror films over the years, because when I saw the headline Jason Returns in Wonder Woman #42 over at Newsarama, I didn’t think about Wonder Woman’s twin brother turning up.

No, my thoughts went in a different direction.

So I picked up my trusty art software, grabbed a couple of images and came up with this:

Yeah, that’s scene’s probably not going to happen.

Messing about with covers inspired by the excellent Super Team Family blog.