100 Issues Ago February 2013

With JUSTICE LEAGUE having been the tentpole book for the launch of the New 52, you had to wonder why there was a need, just over two years later, for the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to be launched. Turns out it was just a vanity project for Geoff Johns to lead the charge towards the upcoming Trinity War storyline. This iteration of the League was put together in order to keep tabs on the main Justice League which, along with the Justice League Dark, would form the three League teams in Trinity War.

The team’s raison d’ĂȘtre never really rang true with me, plus I never cottoned to David Finch’s art, but I stuck with the series, sucker as I was for anything labelled Justice League.

Of course, as I type this, I remember that Trinity War led directly to Forever Evil . . . oh boy, I am not looking forward to revisiting that in the coming months.

The GREEN LANTERN titles were finishing with Rise of the Third Army and gearing up for the surprisingly enjoyable First Lantern storyline; SWAMP THING was still struggling to get out of the never ending Rotworld crossover; sundry other stuff was happening in other DC series.

Outside of DC, it was just GHOST, FURY MAX, and FATALE.