Mash-Up #99

Three times a week I randomly generate two dates, hunt down covers from those dates and then mash them together and force the results on you lovely people, while giving a hat-tip to the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis.

I never understood Starfire’s costume here – why have one leg and arm bare but the others covered? Crazy design . . .

4 thoughts on “Mash-Up #99

  1. Nice crossover. DC never really followed up on this incarnation of Starfire did they? I don’t remember ever seeing her in modern times outside of her initial appearances,

    One more and you’ll have hit Mash-Up#100. Did you say you were set all the up to #150?


    1. I think the last time she appeared was in the TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT series that sort of tied in to the death/return of Batman following FINAL CRISIS. Apart from that, she’s not really been used.

      My plan was to pause at #150… and then I just carried on and am done up to the end of the year at #174! Damn, these things are addictive!

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  2. Oh ok. I didn’t follow that series but I have heard of it.
    I guess it is, and I’m glad you’re still doing them, as you’re getting better the more you do them.


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