3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #255 Deathstroke and Spider-Man

  1. I mean, Spidey teams up with Deadpool and the Punisher, and Deathstroke is like if you combined those two in a blender, so yeah. Maybe he’ll punch Slade in the face and turn him in when the team-up is over? Fingers crossed.

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  2. Basically what Calvin said, Spidey’s begrudgingly teamed up with Frank and Solo and probably other guys like that who kill and somehow managed to the body count down to a minimum. But damn, this one would be a hell of a fight between the two since Slade’s basically an evil Captain America with his skills and reflexes, I have no doubt he’d be able to counter Spidey’s speed and powers. Webbing might be a little problematic though.


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