5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #355 Aquaman vs Aquaman

  1. What’s he gonna stop Nineties Aquaman from doing? Wearing that terrible, I don’t even know what you’d call the one-sleeved grey thing he’s got on. Is it supposed to be armor? Why does only his right pectoral need protection?


  2. Reminds me of an old Wizard magazine article where the staff writers pitted the Silver Age versions of the JLA against the then 90’s modern versions that were being written by Morrison.
    90’s Aquaman beat the SA version, and rightfully so that he should since back then, he had a weaponized hook hand and a bad attitude.

    90’s Batman beat his SA counterpart (no argument there)
    90’s WW beat SA WW (exactly)
    SA Superman beat 90’s Superman (no argument there as SA Superman was extremely more powerful back then)
    SA GL (Hal) beat Kyle (again no argument there)
    90’s J’onn beat SA J’onn (both could conveniently display new or unused powers depending on the story, so 90’s J’onn won out due to experience)
    I think Wally beat Barry, but I’m not sure. I think since he grew up with the speed force and technically had more experience & a wider range of abilities, he edged out Barry. Honestly, while a solid point, Barry was just plain smarter in how he used his powers. Could go either way for me.

    Your thoughts?


    1. I agree with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter.

      I think Kyle could take Jordan – sure, Jordan would have the experience, but let’s face it: his ring slinging was basically hammers, boxing gloves, and other things to hit you with. Kyle had the artist’s imagination and, I contend, could think bigger than Jordan. Wouldn’t be easy, but my money’s on Kyle.

      Wally vs Barry is tough, I agree. If anything, I think Barry might even let Wally win because there would probably be something big at stake and he would be the bigger man and take the fall.

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    2. Kyle would smoke Hal. For one thing, Kyle’s ring doesn’t have the yellow weakness. All Kyle’s got to do is pick up a bulldozer with his ring, and while Hal’s trying to figure out how he can do that, drop it on his head.

      Wouldn’t Wally have the edge of Barry on the basis of having learned all kinds of stuff from Barry, including things Silver Age Barry hadn’t yet figured out? Like, Wally against Barry five minutes before he dies in Crisis on the Infinite Earths, where Barry’s as experienced and knowledgeable as he’s gonna get, yeah, Barry. But Barry several years before that? I dunno.

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