5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #382 Domino and Starfire

  1. Bullets, hairpins, more bullets, bottles of gun oil, bullets, double-sided tape to avoid embarrassing clothing malfunctions, did I mention bullets?

    Also, I’m surprised putting Liefeld and Amanda Conner art that close to each other didn’t cause some matter/anti-matter reaction that would have destroyed the Internet.


    1. Haha! Ask and you shall receive, I guess.

      I usually have a “no-Liefeld” art rule for the mash-ups but this one wasn’t so ridiculous that I could ignore it.


  2. I don’t know either. I know it caught on fashion-wise for a bit, at least here in the states with all those pockets for cargo pants/jeans, 90’s jeans, etc.
    I guess the comic versions of those pouches are like Dr. Who’s time box (they’re a lot bigger & deeper on the inside)


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