Random Retrospective #1 – Reborn #4

Totally ripping off the idea from regular commenter Calvin Pitt over at Reporting on Marvels and Legends, I aim to have a weekly look back at a randomly selected issue/trade/whatever in my collection and REBORN #4 kicks things off.

I’ve never been a massive fan of Mark Millar but think I saw a preview for this series in, appropriately enough, PREVIEWS and the premise (everyone who dies goes to a magical/pseudo fantasy world where many of the people have powers) plus the art by Greg Capullo enticed me.

By issue 4 of the 6 issue mini-series, Bonnie is on a quest to find her husband and she and her father have been captured by Il Mago, a lieutenant of the series’ big bad guy, Golgotha. Despite the sword and sorcery overtones, there are still guns and, this being Millar, her escape attempt is full of bullets and blood:

The attempt doesn’t work and Bonnie and her father end up waiting to be sacrificed on Black Wish Mountain where a human sacrifice grants a wish, the only condition being that you can only wish for something bad.

Before Il Mago and his troops kill both Bonnie and her father, he and all his troops are turned to ice by the newly arrived General Frosty who isn’t rescuing Bonnie, but rather wants to kill her himself because of what she had done to him in the real world:

If this version of an afterlife is real, I’m screwed as I’ve had all my cats neutered.

Before he can kill her, Bonnie turns the tables and makes a bad wish, wishing that Frosty and his troops were all dead. I can only hope that Bonnie made some sort of sacrifice in a previous issue because otherwise Millar is bending his own rules here as without that sacrifice, Bonnie’s wish shouldn’t have worked.

With Frost and his troops dead, she and her father continue on their quest to find her husband and overthrow Golgotha at the same time.

My memories of REBORN are mostly positive and I’m sure there was talk of a sequel series but, as far as I know, nothing ever came of that. It was collected, and if you find yourself with some spare cash, you could do worse than picking this up.

5 thoughts on “Random Retrospective #1 – Reborn #4

  1. Bonnie and her dad didn’t manage to kill anyone while they were up on the mountain did they? All the people Capullo lovingly drew being shot to pieces died somewhere else? ‘Cause that would have been the only answer I could think of.

    I don’t remember this series at all, but I typically run away as soon as I see Millar’s name, so that’s not surprising. Oh Greg Capullo, why won’t you draw something written by author’s I like?


  2. More like you COULD do worse for picking this up. Man I used to actually like Millar, really did, but his style of writing has not aged well at all for those of us out of our 20’s. He really does feel like he’s writing intentionally for cheap pops and shock value rather than anything even remotely resembling anything of substance. He wants to be like Alan Moore and simply can’t & can never be.


      1. Agreed. He’s really not, I’ve found, matured enough in his work to considered anything other a shock content only type of one-dimensional writer.


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