3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #530 The Avengers and Hellboy

  1. Ahh, the qooky quartet. Most definitely they’d save Hellboy in time for sure. I’d be interested in Hellboy getting weirded out by sensing the magic that emanates from Wanda. Maybe he might even try to recruit her for the B.P.R.D.


  2. That looks like Attuma, who is like a stupider, angrier Namor, so yeah, the Kooky Quartet can probably handle that. Although after a few minutes of Hawkeye and Pietro arguing, Hellboy might try to get imprisoned again.

    As for Quicksilver, that was his original outfit. Don’t know if it was true at DC, but supposedly in the Silver Age at Marvel, green and purple were usually villain colors (see also, Hawkeye). As for Scarlet Witch, I assume Jarvis was sick one day and Hawkeye messed up the laundry.


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