Random Retrospective #23 – Green Lantern Corps #17

Let’s all head back to the crazy days of 2007 when the Green Lantern Corps were facing their biggest threat so far in the form of the Sinestro Corps. Over in the main title, Geoff Johns was laying the seeds of what, a couple of years down the line, would become BLACKEST NIGHT but for now, the whole of the Corps was up against the rogue Lantern and his band of merciless killers as they attempt to take over Earth due to its position at the centre of the multiverse. So what do the Guardians do? They give the go ahead to allow lethal force to be used by the GLC for the first time ever.

Thrown into the mix is one of the new Lanterns, someone who first appeared in the Blackest Night prophecy as first mentioned by Alan Moore:

Yet another seed being planted, making sure that everything Moore mentioned gets put in place before the big event.

After a whole host of individual fights between the GLC and the Sinestro Corps, everyone gets a message to head to New York where the big, final showdown is going to take place. When the GLC get there, they find not only Sinestro but as Arisia puts it . . .

The Anti-Monitor appears in the role of Guardian to Sinestro’s Corps, being brought back a few issues earlier for the first time, if memory serves, since Crisis had happened.

Being the impetuous rookie he is, Sodam Yat attacked the Anti-Monitor head on and is swatted away but, as he’s a Daxamite and on Earth has the same powers as Superman, he’s quickly back up on his feet. And then the Guardians arrive and give him the power of Ion, the Will Entity, that Kyle Rayner had, until recently, been using, which gives Yat even more power.

Which is just as well as the issue ends with the arrival of the other big bad guy at the time:

Yep, Superman-Prime because at this time, DC were trying to prevent paying out to the creators of Superboy so had aged this guy up . . . or something like that; it boiled down to them trying to avoid giving creators money, as per usual.

Legal shenanigans aside, this was a high point for the Green Lantern titles – the Sinestro Corps War and the subsequent introduction of the other Corps, the War of Light leading into BLACKEST NIGHT were all action packed stories that I remember enjoying.