Random Retrospective #28 – Animosity #22

I may be wrong, but I think ANIMOSITY was the longest running ongoing series that Aftershock put out, certainly in the first few years of the company getting up and running. I took a punt on it as I really Marguerite Bennett’s writing and it was a bet that paid off as the series was never anything other than well put together. From memory, I think there were a few times it went on hiatus for a couple of months, and the ending of the series – just a few issues on from this one – really screamed for a continuation but, as far as I know, nothing ever came of that.

Here, Jesse and Sandor have taken some form of snake venom in order to have a revelation – they’re on a trip guided by a bunch of religious snakes who think the Wake (the event that allowed creatures to develop the ability to talk and reason) was down to magic. Trouble is, they’re having a hard time coming out of it, and the venom may be killing them, but at least the snakes are willing to help.

They manage to get them both back and Jesse tells the snakes that, as far as she knows, there was no magic behind it. When they get a quiet moment, she and Sandor discuss what she did see.

It’s a sentiment I agree with – this is everything we’ve got, so best to take care of it now. If I could grab the last few pages I would, but that feels like cheating. It’s a wonderfully written (and illustrated) coda to that final thought posted above and is full of hope and optimism and is worth reading.

If you didn’t read ANIMOSITY, I would still thoroughly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Random Retrospective #28 – Animosity #22

  1. It does look pretty interesting & well-written from what you’ve shown. I too like that last message, unfortunately a growing majority, or at least VOCAL growing majority of people these days don’t seem to share that sentiment to the determent of us all.


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