6 thoughts on “Untold Tales #592 Iron Man vs The Flash

  1. I’d like to think he learned it from Bruce. Bruce is to the League what Cap is to the Avengers when it comes to teaching you how to fight.

    Gotta love Flash’s outrage at IM betraying them to some 3rd stringer. He’s got a point Tony, grow some standards. At least when Snapper Carr betrayed the team it was to a huge name villain like the Joker.


  2. Yeah, that’s gonna get rough for Iron Man. The momentum the Flash can put behind a kick, yeesh, probably cave that helmet right in.

    Have they ever actually shown Barry or Wally learning a fighting style? I guess they’re fast enough it probably seems redundant, plus it’s not like most of the Rogues are hand-to-hand combatants, but it feels like Wonder Woman or Batman would have insisted on learning something beyond, “run right at someone and punch them”.

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    1. I don’t think Tony’s getting up any time soon from that.

      The only thing I can think of was the Elseworlds series called JLA: Act of God where all the superheroes lost their powers, leaving only “normal” heroes to defend. If I remember right, Batman (and/or possibly Nightwing) trained Wally and a bunch of others in fighting styles.

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