Untold Tales #597 Green Lantern and Fantastic Four

Though the long standing rivalry between Green Lantern and the Fantastic Four was settled by the Guardians back in UNTOLD TALES #515, it looks like grudges are still being held.

One thought on “Untold Tales #597 Green Lantern and Fantastic Four

  1. I mean…considering we still don’t even know what the FF did to warrant getting rounded up like a bunch of illegal immigrants, yeah, I don’t blame them at for still being salty at Hal.

    A fun twist on this rivalry would be if somehow a GL villain like Sinestro or a Hector Hammond convince the FF that Hal’s a delusional nutjob who only THINKS he’s a space cop and instead either stole/ killed & stole his power ring from a “real GL” and was the bad guy this whole time. Lots of fun hijinks ensue as the FF now are the ones who try to imprison Hal. Good stuff.


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