Armageddon 2001 Tie-In Issues

From the pages of ARMAGEDDON 2001 #1, the story jumped through several of DC’s annual in the summer of 1991. For the most part they’re stand-alone stories exploring possible futures of the heroes that Waverider encounters but here they are in order.


Superman prevents the escape of some Intergang members, returning them to the prison while musing that he really should get around to eliminating them entirely. He flies to meet Lois Lane atop the Daily Planet, both of them unaware that Waverider stands nearby, invisible. Unseen, he touches Superman and begins to explore his possible future.

Years hence, Waverider sees Superman marry Lois only to have her, Metropolis and many of his friends killed soon after by a nuclear device detonated by Intergang. Some time later, Superman marries his childhood girlfriend Lana Lang and sets about ridding the world of all its nuclear weapopns. When he encounters an American nuclear sub he orders everyone off it before sinking it.

The US President meets with his staff to decide what to do about Superman and learns that seven sailors died when the submarine sank. Knowing they do not have the capacity to capture Superman, the President meets with Batman in an attempt to enlist his aid, informing him of the seven sailors that died. Batman refuses to be the President’s pawn but agrees to check the story concerning the sailors.

Superman returns to his parents’ farm where he lives with Lana and is surprised by the arrival of Bruce Wayne who asks him about the sailors. Superman denies the deaths but ignores Wayne’s pleas to relax and leaves the farm via a network of tunnels. In Washington, Tim Drake, the former Robin, finds to his dismay that the President was right: the sailors had died aboard the sub.

As Superman leaves his tunnels he is met by several members of the Justice League who attempt to bring him in. Battling them, he inadvertently causes the death of the Martian Manhunter. Returning to the farm, Superman escapes with Lana and his mother to his arctic fortress.

Upon hearing that Superman had caused the death of the sailors, Batman contacts Superman and they meet in Crime Alley in Gotham. Using the Kryptonite ring Superman himself gave him years before, Batman attacks his friend, beating him until he succumbs to the Kryptonite and dies.

Back in the present, Waverider is convinced Superman does not become Monarch and flies off.


In Gotham City, a vagrant is attacked by a gang of thugs who are in turn beaten by the Batman himself. The vagrant is actually Waverider in disguise and as Batman helps him up, so he is able to look into the caped crusader’s possible future.

In years to come, the Joker is declared sane and released from Arkham Asylum. At the same time, Tim Drake quits being Robin to become a senator, while Gotham is struck by a spate of killings, the victims all enemies of Batman. While foiling a jewel theft by the Penguin, Batman is stunned to see him fall to his death, despite his efforts to save him.

Killer Croc has become a wrestler whose shows are even broadcast in prison – the same prison where Batman sits, having been tried and convicted for the Penguin’s death after turning himself in. Commissioner Gordon visits him in prison where Batman says that he had to let justice take its course.

As the Joker pursues his chosen career as a talk show host, he meets with the doctors who declared him sane. Elsewhere, Catwoman terrorises some of Penguin’s thugs to learn that Killer Croc had set him up for the jewel heist.

Batman has another visitor, senator Tim Drake whom he subtly commands to do nothing but let justice take its course. As he leaves, Batman has a call from the Joker who is unable to resist taunting him with the Penguin’s last words. Batman invites him to the prison for his last interview. Returning to the Batcave, Tim once more becomes Robin as, at the prison, Batman is visited by Anarky who has come to break him out.

Catwoman faces down Killer Croc, beating him until he reveals he had set up the Penguin on the orders of the Joker. At the same time, Robin arrives back at the prison, determined to rescue Batman only to find Anarky leaving. They fight before being discovered by guards and escape, just as the Joker arrives for his interview with Batman. The Joker taunts him but is unable to get a rise; tearing off his cowl, it becomes clear that Batman and Anarky had switched places.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin race to the Joker’s lair, convinced that he is behind the killings. Catwoman beats them there but is severely wounded by the Joker’s werewolf-like guards, only to die in Batman’s arms moments after they rescue her. The Joker arrives and Batman listens as he explains that he had Penguin bribe the doctors, who are now dead, to declare him sane then killed Penguin after he attempted to blackmail him. As the Joker lunges with his sword stick to kill Batman, he moves and strikes an electrical socket, electrocuting himself.

Back in the present, Waverider presents himself to Batman and explains what he has done and why. Convinced Batman is not going to become Monarch, he continues his journey.


Waverider next visits the New York embassy of Justice League America. To more easily disguise himself amongst the heroes, he takes on the appearance of Captain Atom. He finds the League in a state of shock following the recent shooting of Max Lord but still means to view their futures in order to see if any of them will become Monarch.

Meeting the Martian Manhunter, Waverider shakes his hand. The Manhunter’s future is a little . . . bizarre. Ten years hence, he sits in a temple atop a mountain range and has become known as the Green Guru. There he dispenses wisdom . . . of a sort.

Finding the rest of the League in the study, Waverider first makes contact with Green Lantern Guy Gardner. In his future he has become the leader of a cult based around his, shall we say, strong personality. Prior to delivering a talk to his faithful, he is struck on the head and undergoes a transformation, becoming a kind and sweet natured man. His followers quickly turn on him.

The Blue Beetle of the future is depressed, overweight and out of work having licenced his Blue Beetle identity to a fashion company only to have them bar him from using the name and costume. A brief stint as the Stupendous Silverfish ends in humiliation and leaves him alone.

In Ice’s future, she hears about Gardner’s change of personality and goes to comfort him and the pair declare their love for each other. Later, as Waverider explores Fire’s future, he discovers that Ice and Gardner are getting married. At the service, Fire accepts Oberon’s proposal before being accosted by Blue Beetle who has found out she was behind the company that purchased his identity. After attacking her, Beetle is arrested.

Back at the embassy, Waverider meets Booster Gold whose future shows that he has returned to his own future timeline of the 25th Century where he works once more as a janitor in the Space Museum. There he discovers information about his friends, in particular Blue Beetle’s, ultimate destinies. Horrified by what he reads he determines to travel back in time again.

Next Waverider meets Mr Miracle; in his future he heads up a team of Mr Miracles. When Oberon tells him of Beetle’s arrest at Ice and Gardner’s wedding, he is intent on breaking Beetle out of prison. Barda manages to convince him that they should talk to Fire instead.

General Glory’s future shows him as a retired man in hospital; until Max Lord arrives and convinces him to return to active duty and lead the newly reformed Justice League.

Finally, Waverider visits Max Lord in hospital. In his future, having left the League to General Glory, Max has retired to the island of Kooeykooeykooey but is interrupted by Booster Gold’s return from the future. Together they go and meet with Fire to get her to drop the charges against Beetle. When that doesn’t work, Max uses his persuasive powers on her and the future ends with Max back in control of the League.


In his quest to find out which hero becomes Monarch, Waverider next finds the team of Hawk and Dove. In Hawk’s future he is a member of the Peacemakers, Monarch’s police force, though he has been suspended for voicing anti-Monarch sentiments. Arrested by the Peacemakers, he transforms into Hawk and manages to attract the attention of Monarch himself. Hawk changes himself into a huge, monstrous form, embodying much of the power of the Lords of Chaos, and attacks Monarch. He is defeated but manages to escape into another dimension where Dove waits for him.

Back in the present, Waverider realises that there’s nothing stopping Monarch being a woman and so makes contact with Dove. This gives him a surprise as for the first time one of the heroes is able to perceive and communicate with Waverider directly. Her future shows her as a member of a council of Lords of Order debating what to do with Monarch. Eventually he sees her facing off against Monarch before meeting up with Hawk and making a last stand against him.

Waverider realises that they are a team and manages to see their combined future. Here he sees a young woman, a doctor of neurosurgery, who is revealed to be the daughter of Hawk and Dove, called Unity who when she speaks her name manifests both her parents’ powers. Facing Monarch she speaks with him, convincing him of his loneliness and his inability to talk with anyone because no-one but another super-powered hero could understand. As Monarch is distracted, considering the possibility of letting her live, she attacks him, intending to operate on him to “change his mind.”

In the present, Waverider leaves Hawk and Dove to their fate, content that Unity could help fight Monarch as long as Hawk and Dove remain close to each other.


In Chicago, Thanagarian police officers Katar Hol and Shayera Thal chase after villain called Ricochet and eventually bring him down. When they return to their apartment, Waverider, disguised as a friend of theirs, makes contact with Hawkman thinking that both his and Hawkwoman’s fates are intertwined so he need only view Hol’s future.

In Hawkman’s future, he is married to Mavis Trent who is running for Congress while he is an avid social activist. Trent’s campaign manager wants Hol to quit his work to prevent a conflict of interest affecting Trent’s campaign. After speaking with Shayera, Hol is persuaded by her to take up the role of Hawkman once more, figuring that a hero could only boost his wife’s chances.

When both Hawkman and Hawkwoman announce their intention to take up their roles once more, a woman named Julie Crystal becomes enraged and flees her house, her husband chasing after her. She drives to the ruins of the Crystal Temple where she finds a suit of armour called Attila which she addresses, asking if her father was still inside. The armour activates, firing a beam into her head just as her husband arrives to find her apparently dead. However, the armour had absorbed her personality so that Julie has become Attila. Seeking vengeance for the death of her father, the Attila before her, she heads out to confront Hawkman.

Having battled a gang, the Hawks see Attila burning down Chicago’s art institute and they attack, though they’re a little confused as to who is in the armour. Attila claims to want to destroy the world after having killed Hawkman; he in turn intends to keep Attila busy while Hawkwoman finds something to stop it. As she leaves, she finds Julie’s husband, carrying her unconcious body, who manages to explain what’s happened.

They return to find Hawkman captured by Attila; Hawkwoman threatens to kill both her husband and her body while her husband begs her not to go through with her plan. Using the distracting, Hawkman forces Julie out of Attila’s shell and back to her own body, while taking over Attila himself.

For a moment, Hawkman considers the possibility of keeping the armour, using it to impose his will upon the world and Waverider fears he may become Monarch. He rejects it and sends it into space to self destruct, his mind returning to his body before it is destroyed.

Back in the present, convinced Hawkman is not to become Monarch, Waverider leaves. Elsewhere, Julie’s father George wanders through the desert and stumbles across the Attila armour.


Waverider finds the Flash in Keystone City, enjoying Flash Day where he and his friends are honoured by the city. Disguising himself as a civilian, Waverider makes contact to examine the hero’s possible future.

2001 finds the Flash, Wally West, hiding as Mike Edwards, a working class man with a wife and child. He remembers his fellow heroes, many of whom had children which were changed by inheriting their parents’ metagene, and hopes his son David, who has inherited the Flash’s speed, is going to be okay. Outside the house, David uses his speed to save a small girl who has run in front of a truck, prompting the Flash in turn to save him. He takes his son to the hospital, revealing that while David has his speed, he does not have the aura that protects the Flash when he travels at super-human speeds.

The Flash’s wife, Bonnie, recalls that she met the Flash when she helped him put away a crime boss named Diogenes. Following his attempts at revenge, Wally and Bonnie entered the Witness Protection Program and assumed new identities, the Flash basically retiring once his son was born. The person watching the house turns out to be Captain Cold, working for Diogenes and who tells him that he has found the Flash.

Back in the hospital, David is in a serious condition. As his parents worry over him, a call comes through for Wally West; the Flash answers and hears Diogenes blackmailing him. To make sure he does what he wants him to, Diogenes has David kidnapped. Soon after, the Flash appears at a baseball game which has been interrupted by the Weather Wizard. Defeating him, he is given clues to another location where more villains wait for him. Time and again he battles them, each time being hit by a ray gun that, he realises, slows him down more and more.

He finally finds Diogenes who has siphoned off the Flash’s speed in order to give it to his own son so that he can continue their criminal empire. The machine he uses to transfer it, however, causes his son’s death due to him not having the right genetic make-up. Diogenes himself dies of a heart attack brought on by grief. The Flash, though, uses his machine to restore his powers – not to himself, but to his son David so that he can carry on the Flash legacy, now protected against his speed.

Convinced the Flash will not become Monarch, Waverider leaves him.


Despite having already glimpsed Superman’s future in SUPERMAN ANNUAL #3 (see above) Waverider finds himself drawn to the hero once more and discovers him in the aftermath of a battle between himself and Kalibak. His participation in that fight was engineered by Metron, a fact which Superman resents. Having spoken of his frustrations with Lois Lane, Superman accompanies her on a date and as they’re about to leave, Waverider makes contact.

He sees their date and, upon their return home, they find a message waiting for them: Superman’s father, Jonathan Kent, was injured by a falling tractor on their farm and despite the hospital’s best efforts has died. Waverider realises that this future timeline has already differed from that seen in his previous encounter. Time passes after the funeral and Superman and Lois marry but, unlike the first story, Superman is able to defeat Intergang before their planned nuclear detonation takes place. Waverider believes Superman retained some vague memory of the first future he had seen.

Visiting their friends Pete Ross and Lana Lang, Lois and Superman are stunned by Pete’s decision to run for President and his request that they become his campaign managers. As the months roll by Ross’s campaign gains speed until he is wounded in an assassination attempt at a rally. His life is saved by Superman but at the cost of his Clark Kent identity being revealed to the world. With Ross alive but injured, he backs out of the race and instead convinces Superman that he should run in his place.

With the Supreme Court deciding that Superman is technically an American citizen, he runs for President and wins by a landslide. He quickly sets to work in peacefully reducing the country’s debt and working with other country’s to disarm not only their nuclear capabilities but their conventional weapons as well. He gathers many of his fellow heroes and asks them to work with the United Nations in place of the world’s armies.

The only dissenting voice is that of Green Lantern Guy Gardner who attacks Superman. During a battle of wills, Superman takes Gardner’s power ring from him. Moments later, other Lanterns arrive to arrest Gardner, leaving Superman with the ring. He knows just how much he could do with it but resists the temptation and continues his work as President in a peaceful manner.

In the present Waverider breaks contact but, as before, Superman retains some inkling of what has transpired. Instead of going on a date with Lois, he flies to the Kent farm in time to prevent the tractor falling on his father. Waverider is now convinced he will not become Monarch and is thankful that in the coming battle, Superman will be on his side.

L.E.G.I.O.N. ’91 ANNUAL #2

Not restricting his search to Earth, Waverider travels into space where he encounters Lobo and Telepath, both agents of L.E.G.I.O.N. and watches as he dispenses his own brand of justice. Lobo detects Waverider’s presence and forces contact which reveals a future for the bounty hunter as brutal as his present. Realising the head of L.E.G.I.O.N. may hold more answers, Waverider leaves and heads for L.E.G.I.O.N. headquarters.

He finds Vril Dox in his private laboratory but discovers, thanks to a warning from Telepath, that Dox is waiting for him with a trap. Forced by Dox, Waverider tells him of Monarch and his control over the Earth, and the reason for Waverider’s journey: to prevent that future from ever happening. Dox willingly allows Waverider to make contact with him to see his future.

Ten years hence, L.E.G.I.O.N. has become a galaxy-wide organisation ruling through fear and intimidation rather than any desire for justice. The members of the current team have mostly left or, like Lobo, have been imprisoned by Dox who now rules L.E.G.I.O.N. with Lady Quark. Conducting their own, private experiments, Dox and Quark leave the running of L.E.G.I.O.N. to Cybo, a brutal officer. One by one, the expelled members of the old L.E.G.I.O.N. contact each other, planning to meet up.

Dox and Quark, meanwhile, continue their experiments, merging two test subjects into one hideous, malformed being. Disposing of their test, they visit Waverider who, in this future, has been held captive for ten years. With their experiments moving forward, Dox tells him that Waverider’s secrets will soon be his.

Elsewhere, the L.E.G.I.O.N. members meet and agree that they have to confront Dox and stop his empire growing any further. Reading his mind, Telepath discovers that Dox has been taken over by the Computer Tyrants of Colu, old L.E.G.I.O.N. enemies long thought defeated. Before they can act on that discovery, Cybo and L.E.G.I.O.N. troops attack. Losing several of their friends in the battle, the team manage to defeat them and steal Cybo’s ship, using it to return to L.E.G.I.O.N. headquarters.

They arrive as Dox and Quark merge themselves together, becoming one huge creature with the combined powers of Dox, Quark and the Computer Tyrants. L.E.G.I.O.N. attack them but are unable to defeat it and in one final burst of energy, the team are killed. The combined creature confronts Waverider and merges with him, taking his mastery of time-travel, setting out to conquer the universe.

In the present, Dox retains the memory of what he’s seen; tempted though he is to do things differently now that he is forewarned, Waverider reminds him that he will simply become a monster more terrible than Monarch. Realising the truth of his words, Dox releases Waverider and allows him to continue his journey.


Waverider next finds the Titans, specifically Nightwing, and sees what his future holds.

In 2001, Nightwing has teamed with a new band of Titans – Redwing, Terra, Killowatt, Mirage, Prester Jon and Dagon – and leads them against a corrupt government led by Lord Chaos. Nightwing is determined to find Chaos, convinced as he is that Chaos still holds his old Titan team-mates, despite his new Titans trying to convince him that the past is dead.

Their attacks are co-ordinated by a mysterious boss whom none of them have seen and who employs other teams of Titans across the country. When they learn of Lord Chaos’s travel plans, they decide to attack him. They launch an attack on his craft, managing to defeat the guards but when their presence is detected, Chaos decides to self-destruct the ship as it turns out that he’s not actually on it.

The Titans escape with information stolen from the ship’s computer which their mysterious boss is able to decode, sending them flying to Lord Chaos’s lair – the former Titans Island in New York.

Working their way into his headquarters, the Titans are finally confronted by Chaos who reveals that, despite Nightwing’s best hopes, the old Titans are indeed no more, killed years before, although one escaped. Troia managed to get away, discovering that she had become pregnant during a trip to Greece. The child she bore possessed the powers of the Titans of Myths and in time became Lord Chaos! After a futile battle, the Titans’ leader contacts them, asking to withdraw against Nightwing’s desire for revenge, in order to implement a plan of his own.

Back in the present, Waverider becomes convinced that Nightwing will not become Monarch and leaves.

In 2001, however, the new Titans – who still exist as part of that alternate future – are informed of their new mission: to travel to 1991, track down Troia and kill her before Lord Chaos is born!


Waverider once more targets Superman, examining the new timeline that may occur since, by remembering what happened in those he has already experienced, Superman has closed them off and started a new one. As the years go by, Waverider once more sees Superman and Lois Lane marry and plan a family. Tragedy strikes when their baby is still in the womb; being half-Kryptonian, the baby inadvertently kills Lois simply by kicking. Devastated at the loss of his wife, Superman flies into space to escape the guilt he feels for her death.

Caught in an interstellar battle, Superman is rescued by Maxima of Almerac, a despot whom he has met before. While musing on his previous rejection of her, Maxima is presented with an idea by her slave Sazu: pretend weakness and gentility and Superman may yet fall for her. Attacked by another spaceship, this time Superman saves Maxima and, following Sazu’s advice, Maxima puts aside her pride and thanks him, asking him to return with her to Almerac where she is to be married to a cyborg named De’Cine purely for political purposes.

After meeting De’Cine, Maxima rages against Superman, infuriated by her people’s attitude towards him and the weakness she displays. They fight but realise that they are more alike than they first thought. Sazu, jealous of Maxima’s growing intimacy with Superman, meets with De’Cine and convinces him to leave Almerac and attack Earth: with that planet gone, Superman will have no reason to leave Almerac. He will remain with Maxima but Sazu will still have caused him pain.

Sazu’s plan backfires when Maxima freely allows Superman to return to Earth; she has decided that it is better to have Superman come to love her naturally than attempt to force it. Sazu has to tell Maxima of De’Cine’s attempt to destroy the planet which in turn forces Maxima to race after both her suitors.

De’Cine’s attempt to destroy the Earth is delayed by Superman’s arrival but he is captured by the cyborg. He is rescued by Maxima, however, who attacks De’Cine but accidentally sends his spaceship plunging to the Earth. Together, Maxima and Superman manage to stop its descent and hurl it into the sun. Maxima tells him that De’Cine’s people will seek revenge for his death and if Superman were to remain on Earth, it would become a target for them. Realising she’s right, he plans to return with her to Almerac where, Maxima hopes, their burgeoning relationship will grow into love.

Back in the present, Waverider once more becomes convinced that Superman will not become Monarch and leaves him.


Waverider tracks down Batman for the second time and again explores a possible future. This time, he sees him battle high in the Himalayas against his long time enemy Ra’s al Ghul and ultimately win but at the cost of al Ghul’s life. Talia, al Ghul’s daughter and lover of Batman rescues her father’s body and places it within a Lazarus Pit which will resurrect him. As she does this, Batman manages to escape though he is critically injured. Rescued by Alfred and Tim Drake – who has given up the role of Robin – the weakened Batman demands to be taken back to the Batcave.

Gotham City has become a dreadful place where no form of law and order exist; Commissioner Gordon is replaced by a mob-linked ringer and the new Mayor is likewise in league with organised crime. Throughout the city, criminals no longer fear the Bat-signal. Determined to help, Tim assumes the role of Batman, unknown to Bruce Wayne, and attempts to regain the city. Weeks later, he is ambushed and killed by Talia al Ghul and her soldiers.

As Bruce Wayne hears news reports of Batman’s death, he deduces that it had to be Tim. He uses cybernetic augmentation to repair his damaged body and once more terrorises the criminals, intent on discovering who killed Tim. Eventually, he is given a clue by his old friend, ex-Commissioner Gordon who directs him to Arkham Asylum. Interrogating the Joker, he is led to a warehouse where he finds one of the men involved in Tim’s death who provides him with a clue which points him once more to Ra’s al Ghul.

He returns to the Himalayas and is confronted not by Ra’s but Talia who admits she accidentally killed Tim while trying to kill him. With Ra’s finally dead, she was determined to use a Lazarus Pit to ressurect Batman after she had killed him so that they could be together. After her men have battered him, she has them carry Batman into her lair and, against his wishes, lowered into the Pit. Rather than lose his mind to the destructive powers of the Pit, Batman detonates a bomb in his cybernetic limbs, destroying himself, Talia and everything else.

Waverider, back in the present, is again happy with the knowledge that Batman is not the one to become Monarch.


At the New York Justice League Embassy, both the American and European branches of the League have met to discuss Max Lord’s shooting (see JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA ANNUAL #5 above) and as the European branch heads back to London, Captain Atom decides to take some time apart to think things over. Back in London, Superman arrives with Waverider who has made himself known to him and revealed his purpose. Power Girl’s cat prowls around; unknown to everyone, it has a hidden camera implanted by a secret organisation led by Mr Bigger who are watching everything.

League Liaison Catherine Cobert is the first Waverider touches and in her future, the League are still in business even though the American branch has disbanded (again, see above.) Treated as a den mother by the heroes, she is left to her own devices to buy groceries and, as she leaves the Embassy, it completely disappears.

Rocket Red’s future is, apparently, in the past as he suddenly appears in the middle of a joust in Camelot. King Arthur is impressed by Red’s inadvertent defeat of two knights (who simply crashed into him) and quickly makes him a knight of the Round Table. Jealous of Arthur’s new favourite, Merlin summons the Demon Etrigan to dispose of him.

Power Girl steps up next and she, too, appears in the past, this time during the London Blitz in World War II. She’s more than a little dismayed to be discovered by General Glory and his sidekick Ernie who are determined to take her in. When Ernie is flattened by some rubble, Power Girl is roped in to be his new sidekick.

Metamorpho appears in a post-apocalyptic future and quickly discovers a band of masked figures shooting at another who is holed up in a ruined building. Figuring the odds are against the single man, Metamorpho dispatches them and finds the man he has rescued is Jonah Hex. Having nothing better to do, they try to find something to drink.

Flash is surprised to hear that Waverider has already seen his future (FLASH ANNUAL #4 above) and Waverider moves to the Silver Sorceress. She too appears in a different time, one in the distant past where she is menaced by a large dinosaur. Despite being able to save herself, Anthro rushes in and attacks the creature over and over again, leaving her and a cave-woman to simply sit and watch in boredom.

Crimson Fox is Waverider’s next contact. She appears in the Old West, right in the middle of a card game where Bat Lash has just been accused (correctly) of cheating. The pair escape and Fox manages to defeat the cowboys that are after them.

In Blue Jay’s future, he suddenly appears not in the past but the future, during a try-out session for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are all impressed with his apparent teleportation power but when he admits that he simply shrinks and grows wings, he is instead inducted into the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Elongated Man’s future is, once more, in the past, this time in Victorian London where his sudden appearance allows him to capture Professor Moriarty. At a dinner to celebrate the capture, Elongated Man meets H.G. Wells who shows him his latest project – what he hopes will be a fully functioning time machine.

Back in the present, Captain Atom arrives but before Waverider can touch him, Power Girl’s cat rubs up against his leg. In the cat’s future, he sits in the basement of the Embassy when two agents of Mr Bigger’s organisation break in to photograph and document the time machine Elongated Man saw in the past and which they knew about thanks to the camera in the cat. The cat attacks them, however, and one of the agents shoots at it, hitting the time machine instead which caused the entire Embassy to disappear as shown in Catherine Cobert’s future.

Waverider stares into the cat’s eye, panicking Mr Bigger into terminating the connection with the cat. Waverider then deduces that the explosion scattered the League throughout time and that Elongated Man would have used the prototype time machine to find and return his friends.

Finally, Waverider, still hunting for Monarch, makes contact with Captain Atom . . . which leads directly into ARMAGEDDON 2001 #2.