Agent Orange


The Agent Orange storyline begins with the Controllers, distant relatives of the Guardians of The Universe, arriving on the planet Okaara in the Vega system, intent on discovering the source of the “Orange Power” and, as is their nature, controlling it. They eventually find the Orange Central Power Battery and lay claim to it before being slaughtered by an Orange Corps made up not of physical beings but constructs of the “Orange Power.” The battery is reclaimed by its owner who blames the Guardians for breaking their treaty and swears vengeance.

On Odym, Green Lantern Hal Jordan wrestles with the Blue Ring of Power that he has worn since his visit to Ysmault during the Rage of The Red Lanterns (notes on that coming soon.) He, along with the beginnings of the Blue Lantern Corps, meet with the Guardians Ganthet and Sayd who warn Jordan that the War of Light has already begun and that the Blackest Night approaches. They also tell him that the Blue Ring cannot be removed until it has been used and drained of power. As Jordan leaves and is forcibly drawn back to Oa, Ganthet sets out the Blue Lanterns’ new mission: to find those who wield the Indigo light.

On the edge of the Vega system, the Green Lantern Stel follows Sinestro Corps member 2825 into the forbidden system only to see him consumed by a giant Orange construct.

On Oa, the Guardians attempt to remove the Blue Ring from Jordan but are unable to do so. Their attempts are interrupted by Green Lanterns John Stewart and Salaak, the latter of whom produces the body of Stel, branded with the symbol of the Orange Lanterns. As the Guardians recognise the symbol so it explodes, producing an image of Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern’s owner. He berates the Guardians for breaching the treaty that allowed the Vega system to remain beyond the jurisdiction of the Green Lanterns but before he can say more, the Guardian known as Scar uses her emerald energy to banish his projection. As the Lanterns look on, Scar decrees the Vega system is no longer off limits.


The Star Sapphire Fatality sits amongst the remains of her devastated home world and reminisces about how many years she spent hunting John Stewart. Now, infused with the love the Star Sapphires bring, she plans to forgive Stewart and show him love.

On Oa, the Guardians mull over the new law that Scar proposed, that Vega no longer be beyond the Green Lanterns with the majority of them in favour of it. In space, Green Lantern Gretti heads back to Vega to be there when the Guardians arrive.

Throughout the Vega system, Green Lanterns apprehend hundreds of criminals who until now have used the area as a hiding place. The raid is led by Jordan and Stewart with several Guardians attending who take the main body of the Lanterns to Okaara to find Larfleeze. They make planet fall and find Gretti waiting for them. When the Guardians demand that Larfleeze face them without his power rings, he refuses and instead sends an army of Orange constructs, including the images of the Controllers he had defeated. Gretti is overwhelmed and killed, his power ring eaten by one of the Orange Lanterns. A moment later, and an Orange construct of Gretti is created and attacks Stewart.

In the midst of the battle, Jordan is grabbed by the Orange light and pulled down through the earth to face Larfleeze who sees the Blue Ring he wears and demands to have one.


Jordan is held captive by Larfleeze who is entranced by the Blue Ring Jordan wears. He has, as he says, seen and consumed many Green Rings, but never a Blue one. When he attempts to remove it, the Ring rejects him, allowing Jordan to attack.

On the surface above, the Green and Orange Lanterns battle each other, Stewart being attacked by multiple Orange Lanterns before he is rescued by Star Sapphire Fatality who wishes to know if he has ever been in love.

On the planet Ungara – home world of Green Lantern Abin Sur, Jordan’s predecessor – Sinestro is contacted by one of Corps members and arranges to meet on the planet Zamaron, home to the Star Sapphires.

In sector 666, Green Lantern Ash writes in his journal of his search for the corpse of the Anti-Monitor.

Back on Okaara, Jordan and Larfleeze face off once more and Jordan offers to trade his Blue Ring in exchange for Larfleeze telling him how he came to be. Larfleeze agrees and tells Jordan of how, billions of years before, he and his thief companions, escaped from the Manhunters with riches, including a box that is “worth a star system” and a map once owned by Krona that promised treasure. The map led them to Okaara where they found the Orange Central Power Battery just as the Manhunters and the Guardians find them. Both Manhunters and Guardians were killed as Larfleeze and his companions fought over the Battery. The Guardians struck a bargain with them, retrieving the box and allowing the winner of the battle for the Power Battery to be free of interference from the Guardians as long as the Orange light remained within the Vega system. Larfleeze won the Power Battery and the Guardians left with their box which contained the Parallax entity.

Unable to remove the Blue Ring to hold up his part of the deal, Larfleeze simply chops Jordan’s hand off.


Larfleeze puts the Blue Ring on for a moment before it disappears, revealing the severing of Jordan’s hand to have been a defensive mirage the ring employed, showing Larfleeze what he wanted to see. With his power levels restored, Jordan attacks Larfleeze using his own ring constructs in the form of Green Lanterns past and present.

Star Sapphire Fatality, meanwhile, holds Stewart in a crystal in the midst of the battle and encourages him to forgive himself. She leaves as the Guardians and the Green Lanterns breach the temple home of Larfleeze.

The Guardians arrive as Jordan and Larfleeze battle, their arrival distracting Larfleeze enough to allow Jordan to grab his Central Power Battery momentarily before he takes it back. As Larfleeze attacks, Jordan accidentally manages to activate the Blue Ring which destroys the remaining Orange constructs before leaving Jordan’s finger and shotting into space.

The Guardians bargain once more with Larfleeze, returning the Lanterns to the surface to conduct their negotiations in secret. Jordan ponders on the vision he saw as the Blue Ring activated – that of Sinestro asking for his help.

The Guardians return, claiming they have reached an accord with Larfleeze, though they do not tell the Corps what he wanted. The Blue Lanterns on Odym, however, find out as Larfleeze – told by the Guardians where he could find a Blue Ring – and his Orange Lantern Corps attack.

In an epilogue in sector 666, Green Lantern Ash and Green Lantern Saarek approach a dead planet and find the Black Lantern with the Anti-Monitor’s corpse inside it. Saarek, who has always been able to hear the dead speak, realises their presence has woken the dead and as they try to flee the planet, two enormous hands break out of the ground to grab them.