Sins of The Star Sapphire


The Zamarons begin to tap into the power of the Violet Power Battery as never before while on Oa, the Scarred Guardian urges her compatriots to act.

In space, newly weds Miri and Kered head towards their honeymoon before their spacecraft is boarded by Mongul who wears several rings forcibly taken from members of the Sinestro Corps. Kered and Miri manage to get into their pressure suits but when Kered entreats Mongul to leave them enough food, Mongul kills him without a thought. Having eaten his fill, Mongul leaves Miri with the corpse of her husband.

Back on Oa, Green Lantern Guy Gardner attempts to reconnect with his on again/off again girlfriend, the heroine Ice by asking her to move in with him. When Ice refuses, the pair argue.

Searching for the Sinestro Corps member called Kryb, several Green Lanterns – led by Kyle Rayner and including the pregnant Amnee Pree, her husband and Soranik Natu – patrol Sector 1114.

Two days after the attack by Mongul, Miri attempts suicide in order to join her dead husband but is saved by the arrival of a Star Sapphire ring which transforms her and bids her follow her heart.

Elsewhere, Green Lantern Saarek follows the voices of the dead as he attempts to track down the corpse of the Anti-Monitor.

On Oa, Gardner and Ice say their farewells, a little terse but still as a couple before Gardner, Sodam Yat and Arisia are told by the Guardians they are to escort their leaders on a diplomatic mission to Zamaron.


The monstrous Kryb steals the infant of the Green Lantern of Sector 1111 she has just killed.

Above the planet Zamaron, the Guardians and their Green Lantern escorts are guided down to the planet’s surface and are deliberately shown how the Zamarons have captured many Sinestro Corps rings. As they wait to meet the Zamaron queen, the Scarred Guardian secretly tells Sodam Yat that, should they be captured, he is to use the Ion power and decimate the Zamaron’s Central Power Battery.

In space, Rayner and his team respond to the distress call sent out by the Sector 1111 Green Lantern.

The Zamarons and Guardians discuss the recent power surges, the Zamaron’s Queen Aga’po claiming that the Guardians wish to supress all emotions and to stifle love itself. They argue until Guy Gardner calls them to order before noticing that there are several female members of the Sinestro Corps imprisoned nearby. Queen Aga’po claims they are simply reigniting the embers of love that still reside with them and that they will eventually become members of the Star Sapphries. Eventually the Guardians ask them to cease the creation of the Star Sapphires and the Zamarons refuse. With that refusal, the Guardians and the Green Lanterns return to Oa.

Rayner and his team find the murdered Lanterns and, still in their Sector House, Kryb who is hunting their child. The Lanterns attack, forcing her down to the surface of a planet.

Back on Oa, the Guardians decree that as the Sinestro Corps has elected to attack the family members of Green Lanterns, love and relationships between the Green Lantern Corps members is to be forbidden.


The Guardians vote to forbid relationships between Green Lanterns, enshrining the new law in the Book of Oa.

In Sector 1111, Rayner and his fellow Lanterns battle Kryb who has killed other Lanterns and stolen their children. As they crash land on the planet, Kryb manages to infect all of the Lanterns, turning them into mindless slaves that she will use to guard the babies she steals. The pregnant Lantern Amnee Pree avoids the infection, however, and attacks Kryb.

In Sector 1746, Mongul takes a breather, indulging himself in pleasure of the flesh before continuing his journey.

On Zamaron, the new Star Sapphire Miri charges her ring and sets out to find wherever true love is attacked.

Amnee Pree fights Kryb as her labour pains begin, using a giant construct of her unborn child to batter Kryb. She in turn summons the enslaved Lanterns who break through Pree’s barrier and capture her for Kryb who plans to forcibly remove her unborn child.


As Kryb attempts to take Pree’s child from her womb, Rayner fights back, breaking her control and attacking her before rescuing his fellow Lanterns, purging them of Kryb’s influence. While Soranik Natu remains with the Pree’s to aid in the delivery of their child, Rayner and KT21 pursue the fleeing Kryb.

In space, Star Sapphire Miri is alerted of the danger that the Pree’s are in and flies to their aid.

Kryb and Rayner fight each other with KT21 trying to help while on Oa the Guardians choose this moment to enact their law forbidding relationships between Lanterns.

Sapphire Miri attacks Kryb with the aim of protecting the love the Pree’s feel for each other but Kryb manages to pierce the protective bubble beneath which Amnee has given birth, but only for a moment as the Lanterns and the Sapphire combine forces to capture her. When Rayner states she will be taken to Oa, KT21 rebels and attempts to execute her. Unfortunately, she falls foul of Kryb’s last line of defence and is killed instead.

With Kryb finally subdued, the Pree’s give up their rings, wishing to remain together in love rather than be forced apart by the Guardians’ new law. Sapphire Miri takes Kryb, claiming that she will be taken to Zamaron rather than Oa and rehabilitated. Before she leaves, she has Rayner and Natu stare into her crystal where they will see their true loves. Rayner leaves the decision of where Kryb will be taken to the Pree’s and they side with the Sapphire. After she leaves, Rayner and Natu admit to each other that they had seen each other in Miri’s crystal.

Back on Oa, Salaak is astounded to see hundreds of Green Lantern rings returning to the planet – a sign that many of the Lanterns have resigned rather than agree to the Guardians’ law.

In space, Mongul approaches the planet Daxam.