Bloodlines House Ads

Most of the ads for the Bloodlines event were simply the covers of the annuals as shown below:

Alongside those were a handful of other ads/articles:

A straightforward “Coming soon” box – I admit I adjusted the colours on this to use in the blog at some point.

A DC Nation article.

While this advertises the Deathstorm portion of the Bloodlines event, I couldn’t find a comparable ad for Outbreak or Earthplague.

The only ad for Bloodbath that I could find.

One of the few New Bloods to get an ongoing was Anima so she had her own ad:

And then, towards the end of the event, a DC Nation article had this:

So far I’ve been unable to find any results of that write in poll! Who’s your favourite? Use the Contact Me form at the top of the page and let me know!  😉

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