Eclipso House Ads

Flipping through my back issues, I’ve noticed most of the ads have been part of the DCU/Coming Soon pages rather than the full page ads we’re used to. Here’s what I’ve found:

The first full page ad for ECLIPSO: THE DARKNESS WITHIN that I could find.

Two panels from a DCU/Coming soon page

An ad for an Eclipso poster

Another DCU/Coming soon page

And another DCU/Coming soon page

And yet another DCU/Coming soon page!

And another one; man, they skimped on the ads for this event.

This one barely counts as DC clearly wanted to push the BATMAN: GOTHIC trade at the same time!

Not an ad, but an article by editor Michael Eury about the genesis of the ECLIPSO event.

And after the event, an ad for the ongoing series as well as Valor’s title.


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