Trapped inside a school, a mother and daughter attempt to make contact with anyone not infected with Anti-Life by using their computer.

Elsewhere, Black Lightning – on his way to the Justice League’s Hall of Justice – attempts to escape from possessed dogs by running into a department store. Unknown to him, the villain Tattooed Man and his son are hiding in the same store. The boy wants to help Lightning, despite the fact that his father has always warned his children against the superheroes. As Justifiers capture Lightning, the Tattooed Man and his son attack them, helping the hero to escape.

The mother and daughter and Tattooed Man’s wife and child and despite his misgivings about heroes, he takes Lightning back to their hideout. There, Lightning decides that they should leave before the Justifiers find them.

As they argue over whether to leave, the Justifiers arrive and Tattooed Man blames Lightning; his wife, however, admits to using the computer – the same signal that Lightning heard and brought him close to them was also picked up by Darkseid’s slaves.

Using the school bus, Lightning and the family break out of the school, evading the Justifiers for as long as they can before the bus crashes at one end of a tunnel. At the other end are a relief chopper and soldiers from SHADE; Black Lightning sacrifices himself, buying time enough for Tattooed Man and his family to get to the chopper and to safety. As they reach the SHADE soldiers, Black Lightning is overcome and is taken by the Justifiers, becoming one of them.

The Tattooed Man, rather than escape with his family, heads for the Hall of Justice to help the heroes Lightning was heading for. His story continues in FINAL CRISIS #4.