4 thoughts on “Mash-Up #102

  1. I feel if there literally no other choice, Ted’s being sacrificed here because there’s no way Supes is letting Lois die. No instead, since this cover is what we now call click-bait, I call time-shenanigans being used to get everybody out of this seemingly impossible situation safe and sound…..for now.
    Definitely sounds like story I can see creator Dan Jurgens having fun writing and drawing.


    1. But Superman’s the hero’s hero – as much as it pains him, he’ll sacrifice Lois and himself for the greater good … at least until, at the last minute, he comes up with a way to save everyone!


      1. Nope. I gotta’ respectively disagree with you there….partially. He’d never sacrifice Lois. Ever. Himself? Fuck yes, but Lois? Never.


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