Infinite Frontier #5 – Infinite Evil

  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Pencillers: Paul Pelletier, Jesus Marino, Tom Derenick
  • Inkers: Norm Rapmund Raul Fernandez, Tom Derenick
  • Colorist: Hi-Fi
  • Letterer: Tom Napolitano
  • Cover Artist: Mitch Gerards
  • Variant Cover Artists: Bryan Hitch, Alex Sinclair
  • Editors: Diego Lopez, Mike Cotton

Main Cover: Shown above. Working from right to left above the massive chain are Green Lantern (GL) Alan Scott; Thomas Wayne’s Batman; Obsidian; Cameron Chase; the Flash being throttled by Darkseid; who holds Superman of Earth-23 in his other hand. Beneath the chain, Jade is holding on to Roy Harper.

Variant Cover: Shown on the right, we have Jade at the top, and Roy Harper below.

Page 1: This is the Psycho-Pirate. He was a long time inmate at Arkham, famously residing there, as he says, after the “first big Crisis.” In his mask can be seen the reflection of the Map of the Multiverse.

Page 2 – Panel 1: This is Director Bones of the DEO on Earth-0 and it becomes clear that what we’re seeing is the pitch made by Psycho-Pirate to various characters throughout the Multiverse.

Page 2 – Panel 2: Not counting Psycho Pirate as a panel here. This is Machinehead of Earth-8 who, as we saw in the previous issue, was a member of Justice Incarnate before throwing his lot in with Psycho-Pirate and the others.

Page 3 – Panel 1: This is Magog of Earth-22; all the characters on this page are hearing the same deal from Psycho Pirate.

Page 3 – Panel 2: Jokero of Earth-32.

Page 3 – Panel 3: Lady Quark of Earth-48. Instead of going back to the left side of the page, we’ll follow Psycho-Pirate and move down.

Page 3

Page 3 – Panel 4: Fate of Earth-13.

Page 3 – Panel 5: Superwoman of Earth-3 (As mentioned at the end of the previous issue, this is the Lois Lane version from a previous Earth-3, not the Donna Troy version who is the current Superwoman of Earth-3 at the time of publication.)

Page 3 – Panel 6: Captain Atom of an unknown Earth. This is the same Captain Atom who detonated himself at the end of issue #2 almost killing Cameron Chase. Again, we’ll follow Psycho-Pirate and move down.

Page 3 – Panel 7: Superdoom of Earth-45.

Page 3 – Panel 8: Dr Sivana of Earth-5.

Page 3 – Panel 9: Picking up on Psycho-Pirate’s speech, it boils down to Darkseid promising to protect the various Earths from the inevitable crisis that will be spawned by Earth-0 at some point down the line. The cost for this is for the heroes and villains to help Psycho-Pirate if the need arises.

Pages 4 and 5 – Panel 1: The carrier arks that crash landed here on Earth-Omega in the previous issue.

Pages 4 and 5 – Panel 2: Cameron Chase stumbles from the wreckage .

Pages 4 and 5 – Panel 4: In the distance we can see the machine in which Psycho-Pirate has imprisoned Flash, forcing him to run continuously.

Pages 4 and 5 – Panel 5: The obviously unhappy speaker is . . .

Page 6 – Panel 1

Page 6 – Panel 1: Director Bones, once again in his original villain’s garb when he was known as Mr Bones and fought against the heroes of Infinity Inc on Earth-2. His speech reveals the transformation was not his choice. However, it looks like it’s healed the bullet shot to the leg Chase gave him in the previous issue.

Page 6 – Panels 3 and 4: Darkseid’s deal was contingent on sacrifices being made by Bones, where he would deliver people who retained some multiversal energies.

Page 7 – Panel 1: Bottom left is Obsidian, and in front of his is GL Scott. They were both prisoners of Bones on the carrier ark. GL Scott is looking for his daughter, Jade.

Page 7 – Panel 2: Bones mentions his lackey, X-Tract, who kidnapped Jade without Bones’s approval.

Page 7 – Panel 3: Obsidian and Bones have a shared past; as mentioned above, Bones was originally a villain who fought against Infinity Inc, of which Obsidian was a member.

Page 7 – Panel 4: All three of them were from the original, pre-Crisis Earth-2. As Bones said, at various times, the Earth-2 heroes have been erased from the DCU history, and have only recently returned.

Page 7 – Panel 6: Despite his appearance, Bones is not a skeleton – he’s covered by translucent skin that exudes cyanide.

Page 8 – Panel 1: Jade arrives and, with the power of the Starheart, clams Bones into the ground.

Page 8 – Panel 2

Page 8 – Panel 2: And the family reunion finally takes place.

Page 8 – Panel 3: The rest of the JSA arrive. Left to right are Wildcat; Damage; Power Girl; Atom Smasher; Bones (on the floor); Jade; GL Scott; Obsidian; and Cameron Chase.

Page 8 – Panel 4: X-Tract arrives, pointing out that with the crashed ships and no Flash around, they’re stuck.

Page 9 – Panel 1: Having spotted the Flash, the team make their way to the Psycho-Pirate’s machine where the Flash is being forced to run.

Page 9 – Panel 2: Roy Harper arrives, calling for his daughter.

Page 9 – Panel 4: Roy had a vision of Lian back in issue #2.

Page 9 – Panels 5 and 6: Chase and X-Tract haven’t gotten on since their first meeting.

Page 10 – Panels 1 and 2: And now X-Tract reveals that she is the Cameron Chase of the original Earth-2.

Page 11 – Panel 1: The Psycho-Pirate makes himself known. His comment about Flash being the first to travel from one Earth to another refers to the classic FLASH #123.

Page 11 – Panel 2: We finally learn why Flash is being made to run – to weaken the barriers between the Multiverse and what lays beyond, which Darkseid plans to use to control everything.

Page 11 – Panel 3: Power Girl’s referring to INFINITE CRISIS #6 wherein Black Adam literally pushed the Medusa Mask through Psycho-Pirate’s head, from front to back.

Page 11 – Panel 5: But this time Psycho-Pirate has some backup . . .

Pages 12 and 13

Pages 12 and 13: Injustice Incarnate, the team Machinehead brought to the House of Heroes at the end of the previous issue.

On the far left, behind Psycho-Pirate, wrapped in chains, are Justice Incarnate. Top left is Mary Marvel; to the right of her is Captain Carrot; below her is Thomas Wayne; to the right of him is Superman; below them is Aquawoman. Below all of them is Dr Sivana.

To the right of Psycho-Pirate, across the top are Superwoman; Superdoom; Jokero. Below Superwoman’s knee is Fate; then Machinehead; Magog; and Lady Quark.

Page 14 – Panel 1: Jade and/or GL Scott conjure some images of the Justice Society. Between Jade and GL Scott is Dr Fate; working clockwise from him are Hawkgirl; Starman; Flash (Jay Garrick); Wildcat (Ted Grant); and Hawkman.

Page 14 – Panel 2: That business would be INFINITE CRISIS as mentioned above where Psycho-Pirate kidnapped Power Girl and planned to take her as a trophy had Alex Luthor Jr’s plans worked. His original costume was, as she says, red and black.

Page 14 – Panel 3: The Psycho-Pirate sends shadow demons, glimpsed in the previous issue, to attack her.

Page 15 – Panel 1: At the top Superdoom is attacked by Damage, while below Atom Smasher takes down Magog.

Page 15 – Panel 2: Obsidian faces off against Lady Quark; Jade battles Superwoman; Fate looks on; and Cameron Chase punches out X-Tract

Page 15 – Panel3: In the top left Sivana is hugely outmatched against Wildcat; below them GL Scott and Jokero use their power rings to create constructs of Batman and Solomon Grundy respectively.

Page 16 – Panel 1: Our first good look at the Flash this issue, still believing the Psycho-Pirate’s lies.

Page 16 – Panel 2

Page 16 – Panel 2: He believes he runs with his extended Flash family. Left to right are Wally West; Wallace West; Barry; Avery Ho; Jay Garrick; and Bart (Impulse) Allen.

Page 17 – Panel 2: The fighting partners appear to have swapped as Superdoom takes down Atom Smasher.

Page 17 – Panel 3: Fate takes on GL Scott; Magog blasts Power Girl.

Page 17 – Panel 4: Wildcat is hugely outmatched against Superwoman, but the fight is enough to rouse Superman.

Page 18 – Panels 1 and 2: Breaking free of the chains, Superman heads to help the Flash.

Page 19 – Panels 1 to 3: Machinehead explains why he has joined what Superman would view as the bad guys.

Page 19 – Panel 4: The event Machinehead describes was FLASHPOINT which birthed the New 52 era of DC, as well as Earth-0.

Page 19 – Panel 6: Some new information – the FLASHPOINT event affected the Multiverse as well.

Page 20 – Panel 1: Machinehead opens his chest plate to reveal a purple glowing rock.

Page 20 – Panel 2: This rock is Metanite, Superman’s weakness. Machine also admits to killing the Lex Luthor of Earth-23, whose body Superman and Thomas Wayne found in the previous issue, as Luthor doubted Machinehead’s mission.

Page 20 – Panel 3: And Machinehead clears up how Thomas Wayne was involved – as the last remnant of the FLASHPOINT reality that damaged Machinehead’s home world, Machinehead wanted to take his revenge upon him.

Page 21 – Panel 1: Superman is chained up once more, as are . . .

Page 21 – Panel 2: Power Girl . . .

Page 21 – Panel 3: Obsidian and GL Scott . . .

Page 21 – Panel 4: Cameron Chase, Atom Smasher, and Wildcat . . .

Page 21 – Panel 5: Captain Carrot, Aquawoman, Thomas Wayne, Mary Marvel, and Superman.

Page 21 – Panel 6: Roy Harper and Jade are the only heroes left free.

Page 22 – Panel 1

Page 22 – Panel 1: Psycho-Pirate explains the chains are literally preventing travel between the various worlds in the Multiverse.

Page 22 – Panel 3: Jade is captured by the energy chains.

Page 23 – Panel 1: Leaving just Roy Harper to face off against the Psycho-Pirate.

Page 23 – Panel 3: Roy’s power ring is not from Earth-0 and is not even a ring, but “something else in disguise. Something much older and darker.

Page 23 – Panel 4: This is Batman fighting at the end of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, using a Black Ring.

Page 24 – Panel 1: At the top of the image are some hypodermic syringes, synonymous with Roy’s heroin addiction, first shown in the classic GREEN LANTERN #85. The woman with the green headband is Cheshire, not only an assassin or an enemy of the Teen Titans when Roy was a member, but mother to his daughter Lian who is seen crying amidst the rubble of the explosion that killed her.

Page 24 – Panel 3: And that’s why Roy was chosen by the ring – because of the suffering he’s gone through.

Page 25 – Panel 1: A quick zombie impression by Psycho-Pirate as a reminder that if Roy uses the ring, he becomes a mindless zombie.

Page 25 – Panel 3: For Roy’s aid, Earth-0 will be safe, as will his daughter . . . which makes Roy realise Lian isn’t on Earth-Omega.

Page 25 – Panel 4: And Psycho-Pirate realises his mistake, while Roy realises she’s alive and back on Earth-0.

Page 26 – Panel 1: Roy fires up the black ring regardless of the risk.

Page 26 – Panel 2

Page 26 – Panel 2: He uses constructs to free the chained heroes. Left to right the constructs are himself as Arsenal; Green Arrow Oliver Queen; and Eddie Fyers, a long-time friend of both Queen and Harper.

Page 27 – Panel 1: Harper sacrifices himself, giving himself to the black ring, trusting in the other heroes to save his daughter and the Multiverse.

Page 27 – Panel 2: In the top right are six figures/heads – top row are Robin; Wonder Girl; and Kid Flash; bottom are Lian Harper; Cheshire; and Green Arrow.

Pages 28 and 29 – Panel 1: The combined forces of Justice Incarnate and the Justice Society. Left to right in the air are Obsidian; GL Scott; Mary Marvel; Superman; Jade; Power Girl; Atom Smasher; and Wildcat. On the ground are Captain Carrot; Aquawoman; Cameron Chase; Damage; and Thomas Wayne.

Pages 28 and 29 – Panel 2: And late to the party is the big bad guy.

Pages 28 and 29 – Panel 6: The Multiversal barriers are in place.

Page 30: Darkseid has finally arrived and takes control of Roy, his Omega Lantern.