Blasters Special

The BLASTERS SPECIAL picks up a month after the events of INVASION! #3 and finds the various members of the group all back at their homes in different countries, all struggling to cope with their new powers. Moshe Levy, the young boy, is being picked on by his school mates; Snapper Carr kept his eyes open during a teleport and has become convinced his powers don’t exist and he’s mentally unwell; Fritz Klein has to take tranquilizers to stop exploding; Dexter Fairfax has a severe case of writer’s block; Carlotta Rivera cannot live near anyone due to her uncontrollable magnetic repulsion powers; and Amos Monroe uses his powers to con people out of money.

Snapper ends up teleporting back to the Omega Men’s ship during a dream, and meets the ship’s original owner, a feline alien called Churljenkins and together they steal the ship. They eventually end up back at Earth and, one by one, pick up the other members of the Blasters before almost accidentally destroying a secret Spider Guild weapons depot.

Deciding to stay together, they use the ship to leave Earth and look for adventure.

According to the text piece in the book, the BLASTERS was hoped to be an ongoing series that spun out of INVASION! but with the DAILY PLANET INVASION SPECIAL (covered in First Strike) and the new LEGION series already greenlit, the BLASTERS ended up as a one-off special. The text piece ends with Editor Robert Greenberger asking for letters from readers so he can take

. . . them into the next Planning Schedule Meetings and proves there is a need and demand out there for more BLASTERS!

That this Special remains the sole appearance of their team in their own title pretty much proves there wasn’t.

The team later showed up in the pages of VALOR before being abandoned, Snapper Carr later shown lost and alone, unaware of his team-mates’ fate, as well as having lost his own powers of teleportation. He ended up back on Earth and that was pretty much the end of the team.

The Special is notable for a few occasions where Snapper breaks the fourth wall, such as:

As far as I’m aware, that ability was left within these pages.

Also mentioned in the text piece are the plans for a book about “the aliens in the DC Universe” which was to be called the DC GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS but, again, to my knowledge that never appeared.

Despite the success of INVASION!, this spin-off went nowhere.

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