Legends Crossovers: Chapters 20 to 21

The LEGENDS crossovers were handily labelled as Chapters and crossed in to several ongoing series as well as mini-series.


At the end of the previous issue (shown in Crossovers Part 4) Cosmic Boy and Night Girl had been brought to the end of time where they discovered the Time Trapper waiting for them. Here, he admits to causing the differences in the 20th Century that Cosmic Boy has experienced in the earlier issues of COSMIC BOY and now sets them a task – defeat the traps he has placed in their way and find their time sphere within an hour or they will never return to their proper time. Together and individually they overcome the problems are manage to get back to the 30th Century.

Another red skies crossover issue, the main thrust of the LEGENDS storyline is barely mentioned.


The unidentified man in a padded cell thinks back on all of Professor Ivo’s crimes, from the creation of Amazo to the deaths of the Justice League members. At the same time Ivo, dismayed with yet another fruitless psychiatric session, destroys his psychiatrist android.

Vixen uses all the animal powers at her disposal to hunt down Professor Ivo and finally finds him though Ivo sets a dozen androids against her and she battles them as best she can while J’onn J’onnz arrives and tries to help. Temporarily incapacitated by Ivo, J’onn watches as Vixen rises from the androids and attacks Ivo, ripping his head off, revealing him to be an android as well. She opens an adjacent room where they find the padded cell and the real Professor Ivo, clearly insane.

J’onn and Vixen return to the headquarters of the League where she decides that she has had enough and leaves, bringing to an end the Justice League of America.