Legends Crossovers: Chapters 12 to 19

The LEGENDS crossovers were handily labelled as Chapters and crossed in to several ongoing series as well as mini-series.


A peasant village in Skataris is amazed to see the Warlord strike down the local baron’s tax collector before encouraging the remaining men in the village to take up arms and ride with him against the baron. As they approach the castle, the Warlord holds back to tend to his horse, all the while persuading the men to keep up the attack. They unwittingly fall into a trap laid by the baron and are either slain or captured, only to witness the Warlord being paid by the baron for ensuring the uprising failed. As the Warlord rides off, he reveals himself to be Desaad in disguise, the betrayal of the villagers merely part of his plan to ruin the good name of the Warlord throughout Skataris. As he reaches a new village, he is attacked by Y’smalla but persuades her to hold off killing him.

Meanwhile, the real Warlord is unaware of any of this.


Following his run in with Brimstone, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl decide to cut their vacation in the 20th Century short and return to their home time in the 30th Century. Launching their Time Bubble, they discover a time storm preventing them getting home and which forces them to crash back in Metropolis. They recruit Dr Krinnski whom they met in the previous issue as he is the only one who can help them, and together they make adjustments to the Bubble.

Making another attempt ends in failure until Cosmic Boy uses his own magnetic powers to boost the Bubble’s energy which sends them through to the end of time where they discover the person responsible for the 20th Century anomalies they had witnessed: the Time Trapper.


Martian Manhunter is attacked by the android that saved Gypsy in the previous issue and while it is destroyed, Gypsy learns of Vibe’s death. Determined not to let the Presidential order stop him, Steel leaves Vixen’s apartment in costume, planning to lure Professor Ivo into the open; later, Vixen leaves to hunt for Ivo herself.

Steel is surrounded by police, one of whom he recognises as one of Ivo’s androids. Dragging him into an alley, Steel is attacked by the android and badly wounded before the pair of them return to the crowd where Steel goads the android into overloading, the hero absorbing the android’s explosion with his body. Martian Manhunter arrives in time to carry the mortally wounded Steel back to Detroit and his grandfather, where Steel dies.


Having discovered one of his employees’ uncle was actually the time criminal Chronos, Blue Beetle manages to track him to an antique clock fair (as seen in LEGENDS #4) but was unable to stop him. While investigating his employees’ house looking for clues, Beetle finds something that points him in the right direction but only just manages to escape the police who had been called when he was spotted entering the house.

Finding Chronos, the two battle until Beetle is able to subdue him with his own time-freezing weapon, leaving him to the police while the public still rail against Beetle and the other heroes.


Returning to Skataris, the Warlord is attacked by the people of a village recently ransacked by Desaad posing as the Warlord himself. As they make preparations to kill him in revenge, one of them heads to the Queen, the Warlord’s wife, to tell her he has returned. While there, he sees the Warlord change into Desaad and kidnap the Queen. Returning to the village, now aware of the Desaad, the villager frees the real Warlord and leads him to Desaad’s citadel where the Queen is being held.

When his attempt to delay the Warlord is unsuccessful, Desaad flees, happy that he has done as much as he could to destroy the Warlord’s reputation.


In Metropolis, Lois Lane interviews G Gordon Godfrey who admits to wishing to destroy all the superheroes. At the same time, Clark Kent is seen running through the streets, frantically trying to dodge Darkseid’s Omega Beams that were fired toward him at the end of LEGENDS #4. Eventually, the catch up to him and transport him to Apokolips. As Darkseid is unaware that Kent and Superman are one and the same, he casually throws Kent out of a window.

Surviving the fall and disguising himself, Superman walks through Apokolips until he finds a woman, Amazing Grace, about to be executed for preaching against Darkseid. Unwilling to hang back even though it would reveal his presence on the planet, Superman tries to rescue her but instead ends up falling into a fire pit.


Superman is dragged unconscious from the fire pit and is eventually brought before the woman he tried to save, Amazing Grace. She convinces the lowly Hunger Dogs of the area that Superman is their saviour and, as he wakes confused and unaware of who he really is, Superman believes her.

Together, they mobilise the Hunger Dogs into a massive revolution against Darkseid’s rule with Superman at the head, fighting against the Para-Demons. Thousands of the Hunger Dogs die in the struggle but eventually they appear to have one. At their happiest hour, Amazing Grace has Superman call down more Para-Demons who all but wipe out the rebels. As the survivors look on in despair, Amazing Grace (and under her control, Superman as well) is revealed to have been a willing agent of Darkseid all along.


Convinced he is the son of Darkseid, Superman willingly obeys his commands when he sends Superman against Orion and Lightray who have journeyed to Apokolips in the hopes of freeing Superman from Darkseid’s thrall. While Superman and Orion fight, Amazing Grace (who is revealed to be the sister of Glorious Godfrey) attempts to seduce Lightray but he resists her charms. When he returns to Orion, he finds that Superman’s mind has been restored thanks to Orion’s mother box.

Superman strikes back at Darkseid and bests him in combat before Darkseid opens a boom tube and sends him back to Earth. As they leave Apokolips, Orion reveals to Lightray that mother box allowed Superman to remain ignorant of the role he played in the death of thousands of Hunger Dogs while under Darkseid’s control, sparing him the guilt he would undoubtedly feel.