Legends Crossovers: Chapter 22

The LEGENDS crossovers were handily labelled as Chapters and crossed in to several ongoing series as well as mini-series.


Following the events of LEGENDS, Amanda Waller meets with President Reagan to argue for the continuation of the Suicide Squad program, while Sarge Steel is there to argue against it.

In order to bolster her argument, Waller provides the President with files detailing the creation and adventures of the original Squad formed during World War II and which continued dealing with bizarre encounters with dinosaurs, aliens and super-villains after the Justice Society of America disbanded. Following the death of Rick Flag Sr, his son Rick Flag Jr is called up to head the team until it is disbanded.

Waller then explains how she came to her position and re-recruited Rick Flag Jr to head up her new version of the Squad, with her intention to utilise super-villains as team members due to their expendability and their chance to do something for their country.

With all the information to hand, the President is willing to give the Squad the chance to prove itself.

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