Those Most Precious Jewels

So there I was on the weekend, catching up with some back issues of Infinity, Inc from the late 80s (because that’s how I spend the ridiculously hot yet rare summer days here in the UK) when I came across #42.

Fury is pregnant (and most everyone knows how that turns out) so is taking some time off, and the rest of the team organise a going away beach party for her. Wildcat, as a rock magazine journalist, hires a band to play at the party and we get a splash page of the team enjoying themselves in civvies:

It’s nice to see a group of heroes relaxing every now and then as it makes a change from the constant round of battle after battle.

That said, I have to admit I did a double take when I noticed the name of the band:

Now I don’t know if that’s there because of Roy and Dann Thomas, the writers, or whether one of the artists slipped it in for the hell of it, but The Family Jewels . . . honestly!?

Whoever did it had some balls, that’s all I can say.

Updated Crisis 7 Homages Page

One of, if not the most visited pages here is my collection of homages to the cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, the death of Supergirl issue.

I’ve added a few more to the page but also tidied it up, separating out those covers that are pre-Crisis from those that are post- as well as moving the interior art and others to their own sections. Check it out here and, if you find any others, use the Contact Me tab at the top of the site to drop me a line.

JLI Is Back In The DCU But Guess What Else?

I’ve seen a couple of articles on the net following this exchange in Justice League of America #7:

Click to embiggen

It shows that Ice and the Justice League International are back in the DCU; they’re part of the Rebirthed history although, to be fair, it doesn’t say which JLI. Everyone’s jumping to the conclusion that it’s the classic Giffen/DeMatteis era but it could just as easily be the Dan Jurgens written JLI from the New 52.

While I admit it’s a nice development, this wasn’t what caught my eye in this issue.

As you can see above, Atom and Killer Frost are in the wonderfully named Museum of Unnatural History trying to find a cure for her condition when they’re attacked by a guy who hasn’t been seen for many, many a moon – Terrorsmith, one of the villains created in the original Bloodlines event from 1991. And it is that original event, not the Bloodlines series from last year that had next to nothing to do with the 1991 crossovers as Terrorsmith himself explains:


Yep – aliens, necks, and spinal fluid, all the classic Bloodlines ingredients. And if there were any doubt left, here’s what he was looking for in the Museum:

Glonth, one of the original Bloodlines parasites.

So yeah, JLI and Ice are back in the Rebirth DCU . . . but so is the Bloodlines event and all the terrible, terrible metahumans it created.

How Times Have Changed

Still working on the War of The Gods annotations and as I was ploughing through copies of Who’s Who in an attempt to identify a character, I came across this little gem:

That’s the Watchmen entry from Who’s Who Update ’87 #5 and I couldn’t help chuckling over the last line:

Yeah . . . someone should really tell that to Batman . . .