That’s No Princess!

Nice article on the BBC News website today about how difficult it is to find toys or action figures of female characters from popular films. The most recent example, as mentioned in the article, was the clear lack of Black Widow figures following this year’s Avengers movie – she plays a big role throughout and yet, no toy.

It’s a problem that needs to be addressed and will hopefully get better – I’m not a parent but I have two young nephews who are just getting into Star Wars and this weekend I was looking to pick something up for them. Tons of stuff from the earlier films and plenty of Kylo Ren stuff from Episode VII but Rey – one of, it not the principal character – was nowhere to be found.

However, and not wishing to make light of the subject, a couple of things did make me smile; first, this line:

Wonder Woman – the world’s most prominent female hero – is also not immune. She once disappeared from a set of Justice League sheets, ironically replaced by notorious bed wetter Aquaman.

Ha! Aquaman still gets no respect!

But the thing that got me most (and which has since been corrected – I read the original article first thing this morning and have only just had the opportunity to post this) was during the discussion around the original Princess Leia toys. There’s the following quote from a collector:

“In the 1980s, you’d walk into the toy store and you’d see the Leias in her Bespin gown – rows and rows of them. They couldn’t get rid of them.”

which was then illustrated with the following picture and caption:

That's No Princess10

Someone has obviously taken the collector’s quote about multiple “Leias” as the name of the character, plus has identified her as in her “Bespin gown (third from the left).

First, this isn’t her Bespin gown:

Not Bespin

and second, third from the left isn’t even Princess Leia!

Princess Jawa

The entire series would have been different if Princess Leia were a Jawa!