But In Better News…

Disney+ launched in the UK on Tuesday and I finally got to see the first episode of The Mandalorian . . . and oh my sweet Cthulhu, it was fecking AWESOME!

I love Spaghetti Westerns – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is one of my all time favourite films – and seeing one of these set in the Star Wars universe just made my day.

Can’t wait for the rest of the series (they only launched with episodes 1 and 2 over here, with new episodes released a week at a time)

Trailers Galore

So the new Wonder Woman trailer looks . . . ummmmm . . . amazing! That’s the word! Damn there’s a lot going on in there – the Amazons, the mall, and is that a fight in the corridors of the White House? – not to mention Diana lassoing lightning!

Yep, sign me up.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife looks sort of interesting as a continuation of the originals, rather than a reboot, and the trailer seems to be playing for fewer laughs than the original. I’m not a massive Ghostbusters fan (I’ve never seen the second one let alone the recent reboot) but this looks like it’l be worth a shot.

Another Mystery Solved

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned how I’d come across an issue of DAREDEVIL from the 70s which, as a child, I’d read in an INCREDIBLE HULK annual.

A few days ago, during my lunch break, I was browsing Wikipedia, just going from one link to another as I often do, and ended up on the Hammer Horror page – those films were a staple part of my formative years; the first film I remember watching on TV was Curse of The Werewolf with Oliver Reed when I was about 5 or so. (That probably explains a lot…)

I followed some links and ended up in the page for the Hammer film Twins of Evil – not the best of the Hammer films, but one I remember fondly, partly because I’d read the comic adaptation of it, again in an annual – I think it might have been a HOUSE OF HAMMER or possible DRACULA annual, I’m not sure.

However, the page mentioned where the comic adaptation had originally appeared:

The film was adapted into an 18-page comic strip for the January–February 1977 issue of the magazine House of Hammer (volume 1, #7, published by General Book Distribution). It was drawn by Blas Gallego from a script by Chris Lowder.

Once back home, I looked it up on the site I use to buy back issues and, sure enough, there it was:

And while that was an interesting find, something else caught my eye . . .

When I was about 6 or 7, I saw an ad for a magazine or comic on the back page of something – I can’t remember what it was the back page of, just the ad. It was someone in a spacesuit but something terrible had happened to them as the skin from their face was melting or boiling or falling off . . . but the detail that struck me and has stayed with me for years, was that of one of their eyeballs having come loose from the socket and floating off within their space helmet!

Up until a day or two ago, I had no idea what the hell that advert was for – a toy, a game, a film, a comic, a book? No idea.

But scrolling through the list of issues of HOUSE OF HAMMER when I was looking for #7, I saw the cover of #5:

Holy crap! Never has a person dying in a spacesuit given someone so much joy!

It appears to be connected to the adaptation of Moon Zero Two which, judging by the details on IMDB, I can probably live without watching . . .

Man, the 70s screwed me up . . .