Batman R.I.P.

Honestly, I was never a fan of the 60s Batman series – even as a kid, I found it too camp, too silly for my liking.

Over the years, though, my fondness for Adam West grew as he embraced the fame the role had given him and was willing to be a good sport about the whole thing, voicing himself in the last Lego Batman game.

Farewell, Adam West. Batman R.I.P.


Dark Universe

Man, that makes me want to watch those old Universal films again!

Back when I was a kid (in the long ago 1970s) there used to be a double bill of horror films on the weekend and it was usually a black and white Universal classic followed by a blood drenched (at least to my young eyes) technicolour Hammer Horror film and it was these films that fuelled my love of, and interest in, the horror genre for many a year.

Universal’s new shared universe, starting with the soon to be released The Mummy, gets a collective name of Dark Universe as seen in the montage trailer above that showcases the original versions and while the trailers for the Tom Cruise film haven’t set my world alight, I’ll definitely be giving it a watch.

After all, it can’t be worse than Benicio del Toro’s dreadful The Wolfman.

Can it?

New Hellboy Film Coming

Just read the news that there’s going to be a reboot of Hellboy coming soon which made me do this:

Art by Rich Koslowski

And then I read that it was to be directed by Neil Marshall . . . which made me do this:

I loved Dog Soldiers, thought Descent was great until the cave monsters were revealed and as far as Doomsday was concerned . . . sweet Cthulhu, I’m so glad I barely remember the level of awfulness.

Still, we wait and see, I suppose.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 – Review

Mrs Earth-Prime and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 yesterday – and laughed our arses off.

It’s great fun, an action/superhero movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some genuinely laugh out loud moments – honestly, most of the cinema was cracking up in several places.

Plot wise (and this will be spoiler free) there’s no major surprises. As just about everyone knows, Star Lord’s father shows up and the reconciliation between them is the main plot. There’s a sub-plot featuring Ayesha and her golden people which, frankly, seems almost tacked on but provides the motive for some big space battles. Relationships deepen amongst some of the Guardians and there’s lots of “we’re not friends, we’re family” type moments of realisation which, if you think about it too long, means they’re a pretty messed up family that spends of lot of time shouting at each other.

While Groot might have been the breakout character from the first film, it is absolutely Drax who gets the funniest lines throughout this one and it’s worth seeing just for him – he steals pretty much every scene he’s in, while Baby Groot, honestly, is just a little too cutesy for my liking.

There’s a whole bunch of mid-credits scenes, some of which hint at things to come, others – like the Watchers and Stan Lee – are just funny.

If you enjoyed the first, you’ll enjoy this one, definitely.

Yes! Because my turds are famously large!