Double Dialogue In The Precinct

The Precinct is a sort of follow-on from Bill Willingham’s Legenderry series and the mini-series that followed that – at least it’s set in the same world even if it’s not featuring any of the same characters. Issue #2 came out last week and there’s a scene where members of the Alchemy Academy (surely Alchemical Academy would work better?) appeal to the Royal Senate to be allowed to have a representative on the Senate. They ask this because, they believe, the Senate relies too much upon steam powered mechanical inventions, whereas the Academy deal with the divine and the spiritual.

During the debate, this happens:

Precinct Full Page

There’s a couple of things that jumped out at me reading this. First, the top panel:

Precinct Classified

Classified? Who the hell mentioned anything about classified things? That piece of dialogue comes out of nowhere.

The other thing is the first speech bubble on the page (in the panel above) and the last one spoken by a different character. Here they are, side by side:

Precinct Double Dialogue

This is either sloppy writing by Frank J Barberie or sloppy editing by Rachel Pinnelas or Joe Rybandt.

Either way, it doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence for the forthcoming Dejah Thoris series which is written by Barberie.