Eclipso Annotations Nearing Completion

Almost finished the notes on the tie-in annuals – only three more to go, then a detailed look at Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2 and that’ll be the main annotations completed. I also plan to have a look at the solo Eclipso series that followed it, as well as how things got wrapped up in the pages of The Spectre.

Having to read (or in some cases re-read) the annuals has been kinda fun on the whole, as I remember the early 90’s DCU with some fondness. However, having just re-read the Justice League Europe annual, I’ve been reminded of how terrible Power Girl was written back then – she was portrayed as constantly angry, a state put down to being allergic to artificial sweeteners in diet soda. So, in the annual, having been annoyed by her team mates, what does she do?

Power Girl Soda

Yep, she binges on diet soda and gets angry. No prizes for guessing who from the JLE gets eclipsed…