A Smaller Crisis Than First Assumed

DC have announced a big digital sale in the run up to Rebirth and, it’s no surprise, that a lot of the big crossover events are included, including the grand dad of them all, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

However, it appearsdespite the original multiverse shattering events, DC appear to have scaled back the significance of Crisis…



Apparently, the crisis only involved one Earth, not an infinite number of them.

(I know, I know, like I’ve never made a typo and inadvertently turned superheroes into superherpes but come on, this is one of, if not the seminal work from DC.)

And yeah . . . for $11.88 I might spring for the whole series. I mean, I’ve only got the original 12 issue series, the collected edition and the absolute edition so what’s one more . . . ?