New Hellboy Film Coming

Just read the news that there’s going to be a reboot of Hellboy coming soon which made me do this:

Art by Rich Koslowski

And then I read that it was to be directed by Neil Marshall . . . which made me do this:

I loved Dog Soldiers, thought Descent was great until the cave monsters were revealed and as far as Doomsday was concerned . . . sweet Cthulhu, I’m so glad I barely remember the level of awfulness.

Still, we wait and see, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “New Hellboy Film Coming

  1. Dog Soldiers was good for what it was, but Doomsday and Descent were not my cup of tea. I will say that Centurion is still a favourite movie of mine, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one (for now).


    1. Descent worked for me when it was a claustrophobic, tense cavers against each other and nature situation. As soon as those cave monsters turned up, it just became something else that I didn’t enjoy.

      After Doomsday, I couldn’t bring myself to watch anything else by him so have never seen Centurion although, checking IMDB, it turns out I’ve seen episodes of Hannibal and Constantine which he’s directed and I really enjoyed both of those series.

      Like I said, I guess we wait and see. 🙂

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      1. I would recommend Centurion. It’s not the best movie out there but it’s much better than Iron Eagle or whatever identical movie Channing Tatum was in. Though neither of them will hold up to the Rome TV series..


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