3 thoughts on “Calendar Man Explains Halloween

  1. Ha ha ha ha! Cute, very cute.
    Legit #AlternativeFacts
    Fucking lame ass Barry Ween. Pure 90’s schlock man. I remember the ads and time he got from Wizard magazine to pimp that shit. Where the hell is Judd Winnick these days? I last remember him having worked on DC’s Outsiders for a bit, then fell off the radar all-together. Did he get black-balled/black-listed?

    Can’t say I personally really cared for his stuff, other than him being responsible for bringing back Jason Todd.
    I wonder if he hadn’t been on MTV’s Real World and wrote “Pedro and Me”, if he’d have gotten a foot in the industry in the first place…..


    1. Haven’t seen Winick for a good few years; I don’t think he did anything post New 52, at least nothing I’ve bought.

      Even though I read his Green Lantern and Green Arrow runs, I did so out of loyalty to the characters, not him; I wasn’t impressed by either run. When he took over Power Girl from the excellent Palmiotti and Grey, I almost wept. But the thing that most irked me about Winick’s stuff was the hideous, ridiculous, fucking pointless ret-con of Ice’s origin in Justice League: Generation Lost and which I ranted about several time on my old blog.

      Still, Barry Ween supplied me with a punch line!


  2. Oh yeah, he did do that didn’t he? Jesus…..would it be wrong of me to suggest the wrong Real World cast member died? 😉

    That he did, that he did;).


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